10 insanely actionable strategies to get more clients today



Imagine if you had one successful strategy/tip that could ​help you get more clients?  

Or even better 

What if there were 10 of those tips...  

… and each of them could bring tons of new clients for your business?  

You'd probably be excited to read about them, right? 

Lucky for you, that is exactly what I am going to share with you guys in this post.

The problem with most people is that people like to go after fancy things that do not work while leaving 

simple things that do work.


Most of the ways we are going to share below may seem simple, but they are very powerful and can grow your business exponentially if you choose to act on them.

Without wasting more time lets get to ways to get more clients.

10 Ways To Get More Clients Quickly


1. Ask for Referrals

One of the most ignored and very easy way to get more clients is asking for referrals. 

Some of the business owners are too shy in asking for referrals from their clients. The fact about referrals is that you have to ask for them as they do not start coming automatically. 

We just assume that our happy client will refer us to someone else because we did amazing work for them, but like usour clients also have a busy life so they can forget about referring you to someone else immediately. 

Asking for referrals is a great way to explode your sales and increase your rates as well. If you have helped a client with their business they will be more than happy to refer you to their friends.  

Leads who come through referrals are high quality and qualified leads which you would not have found otherwise so it can be really easy to charge them what you are worth.  

How to ask for referrals? (Script Given)

Well it is pretty simple after you have done some amazing work for your client, shoot them a simple email asking them to refer you to someone else who might be interested in your services. 

You can even use this sample script to ask your clients 

Hey [Client Name], 

I am really glad to know that you are happy with [my/my agency’s] work, it is always great to help you out with your business. I love to work with you. Also if you know someone who might be interested in [my/my agency] services, I will be really grateful if you let them know about [me/my agency] 


[Your Name] 


2. Browse Job Boards 

Chances are you already do this. 

Browsing your industry specific job boards is a great way to find clients who know what they want. 

Clients who know what they want are also willing to pay higher amounts than those who don’t know what they want.


Job boards are a great way to keep adding new clients to your agency and there are number of job boards you can try. You can choose 2 or 3 industry specific job boards and start working on them.  

As there are plenty of job boards, don’t try to go after too many. Choose few of them and build your authority on them first and then move to next ones. 

You can easily find your industry specific job board with a simple google search. We have also listed some of the job boards to get you started. 

  • Contently 

  • 99Designs.com 

  • Folyo 

  • Github 

  • AngelList 

  • Indeed 

You should daily check job boards of your choice for updates as it can add couple of new clients to your agency.


3. Create A Mini Course 

Creating a course is a well-known way to earn money online. 

Most of the people create online course, market it and sell it but courses can also help you land great and high paying clients.

Infact it is one of the most effective ways to get clients right now so DO NOT miss out on this. 

How to get clients from a course?

To get clients from course follow the steps given below 

  • Identify your ideal client 

  • Find the pain points of your client  

  • Figure out what your clients want 

  • IF you already know solutions to your clients' problems start documenting it.  

  • If you do not know solutions to your clients' problems find the solutions  

  • Try those solutions to find out if they work  

  • Document all the solutions in textual or video format  

  • Package it  

  • Market your course 

  • At the end of your course, ask your clients if they want you to hire them for execution of those solutions  

See how something so simple can help you land great high paying clients, and since you delivered them so much value they will trust you and will be ready to give you their money. 

If you think your course and solutions are really good, you can also choose to sell your course and more than double the money you will earn. 


4. Write e-books to solve problems 

Writing e-books is a great way to build your authority as well as to land high paying clients.  

If you are great at something that help your prospective client solve their problems, write about it. If you are a good marketer write how a business can earn more money with marketing, if you are a web designer, write how your prospective clients can make their website more appealing to their customers, same goes for other industries.  

It is a very wide spread miss conception that writing e-book if difficult, it's not. If you are really good at what you do, writing e-book is not a problem.  

But how can writing e-book land me new clients? 

Well just like mini course, after presenting your clients with new ideas or solutions you can offer your prospective client to do it for them. 

10 simple steps to land clients using e-books?

Here are simple steps you need to land clients by using e-books 

  • Find a thing you are really good at. 

  • Organize all the knowledge you have 

  • Plan your book 

  • Write your book  

  • Proof read for any errors and mistake 

  • Give your e-book a professional look by designing it in Canva or any other designing tool 

  • Create e-book cover for your book 

  • Use an opt-in form to offer your book for free in exchange for email 

  • After setting up all the things market your book on your Facebook profile, email contacts, LinkedIn, your website or any other traffic source. 

  • Once you get your potential client’s email, start providing them value and offer your services in the emails in which you provide value 

One word of advice!  

Keep it simple, some people over complicate it and never get anything done, don’t be one of them. 


5. Start Creating/Using email list 

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of email list.  

This is also one of the most ignored way of getting new clients by the agencies or the freelancers. Most freelancers and self-employed people think they do not need email list, but in fact they do. 

Email list is the great way to keep getting new sales and clients for free. Email list is the traffic you own, you can keep marketing and re marketing your email list your services whenever you want. 


You don’t need to rely on Facebook or Google algorithm to help you market your business, you own your email list and you can directly reach them with an email.  

How to collect emails to get clients?

Its easier than you think, if you have something you can offer for free to your potential client, offer it for free in exchange for email.


Here are some of the things you can offer your potential high paying client to get their email and create a huge list.

  • Free Consultation 

  • Checklist 

  • E-book 

  • Guide 

  • Free Audit 

  • Mini Course 

  • Free trial of your software 

There are lots of other things you can offer your clients for free, just be creative and I am sure you can come up with an amazing lead magnet idea.


Just a word of caution, don’t spam your email list with marketing offers or you will be ignored, provide them with value instead because it will go a long way. 


6. Use Twitter to get clients

Using twitter in the right way is the great way to grow your business. 

People often turn to social media to ask for recommendations, want to hire or ask a question. Find those people on twitter using twitter search.

how to find potential clients on twitter?

  • Go to twitter.com search box and start typing the queries given below 

  • Hiring a [your keyword here] 

  • #[keyword]help 

  • [keyword] recommendations 

  • #hiring #[your keyword] 

  • Looking for a [your keyword here] 

  • Looking to hire a [your keyword here] 

After you find these people simply contact them. After you contact them answer their questions and offer your services to help them with their problems. Providing your portfolio with your offer can be a great way to get their attention as they will know that you are not a spam.


You can also offer them your e-book or mini course which you created to help them solve their problem and later market your services in the value emails. 


7. Use Facebook Groups to Find Clients  

Facebook has more than 2 billion users and it is a platform no business can ignore. 

One of the most powerful features of the Facebook is Facebook Groups. Facebook groups are the client's gold mine because groups are where your potential clients hang out and share their problems. 


You can easily attract clients by providing value to Facebook k group members and also by giving solutions to their problems. 

How to get clients from Facebook groups?

  • Optimize your profile to give a professional look 

  • Use your industry related keywords in Facebook search bar to find industry specific groups 

  • Join groups and start engaging with posts  

  • Start interacting with group members, answer their questions if you know the solution 

  • Provide value to group members with amazing content  

  • Soft sell your services in your value posts 

  • Grow your network by connecting with group members  

  • Share helpful content on your profile 

After you all these steps, your authority in the Facebook communities will start to increase and people will turn to you to ask solutions for their problems and when they do, offer them your services to help them out.  

You have to be careful while promoting your services in Facebook groups because most of the group admins do not like that and they will likely ban you from their group, which is why you should create your own Facebook group to help people out and grow your business. 


8. Become an Authority iNiche 

It is very hard to grow your business if you keep chasing different niches and different industry. 

Focus is the key to success in the business .Instead of going after every hot market or industry choose one Niche and focus on it .  

When you focus on one niche or a specific industry and start people helping people with their problems, people start to trust you and you become an authority in that specific industry. 

Once you become an authority and people start to trust you people will run to you to help them solve their problems and they will no problem in paying your higher amounts.  


9. Use webinars to get clients

Webinars are a great opportunity to find new high-ticket clients. 

Doing Webinars can seem difficult but it is not and it is one of the most used way right now to find new clients.

How to find new leads and clients using webinars?

  • Find a problem to solve (Topic of your webinar) 

  • Plan your content  

  • Create your slides  

  • Choose Date and Time 

  • Invite people to your webinar through Facebookemail, LinkedIn and other means. 

  • Practice your webinar 

  • In start of the webinar Introduce yourself 

  • Then present the solution to the problem and provide value  

  • At the end of the webinar offer your audience your services with special discounts 

That’s it, it's that simple. Don’t try to over complicate it or you will never get it done. 


10. Use LinkedIn to Its Fullest 

Linked in is one of the best ways to generate B2B leads and get clients. 

Generating sales using LinkedIn can seem very difficult at first but as you get used to it, it is really easy and great.  

how to get clients from LinkedIn?

Here are the steps you can follow to generate sales through LinkedIn. 

  • Setup your Professional Profile 

  • Identify your ideal clients 

  • Use LinkedIn search and LinkedIn groups to find your ideal clients  

  • Send them connection request with a custom message 

  • Say thank you when they accept your request  

  • Start posting awesome and helpful content (Postspicturesvideos and articles) 

  • Start communicating with your network to build a strong relationship 

  • Engage with people in groups  

  • Offer your network your services  

  • Be consistent 

As a business owner and marketer, you cannot ignore LinkedIn. If you use Linked in the right way it can skyrocket your sales  

I am confident that even if you choose 3 strategies and start working on them you will start getting clients in no time.

Do not go after every step, choose 3 and start with them. If those strategies don’t work for your business, you can always come back and try other strategies. 

What are the strategies you use to get clients for your business? Let me know in the comments below ? 



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