Introducing Invoice Quickly: The Fastest Way To Create Invoices.

introducing invoice quickly

We are very happy to introduce you to the latest invoicing platform Invoice Quickly 

We created Invoice Quickly with a mission to help freelancers, small and medium sized business, agency owners and self-employed people. Invoice Quickly helps small businesses, agency owners and freelancers to get paid faster. 

Invoice Quickly enables its users to send invoices to their clients and customers and get paid faster by receiving online payments. Along with invoicing it also comes with lots of other features which help businesses grow. 

Here are some of the prominent features of Invoice Quickly. 

1. Invoicing

Invoice Quickly at its core is an online invoicing platform. Users can easily create invoices, save them and send invoices to their clients.  

Invoicing becomes effortless with Invoice Quickly; users can easily create unlimited invoices from already save preferences and quickly send them to their clients or customers to get paid. 

Invoicing is very powerful in Invoice Quickly it comes with the following features. 

Professional Invoices

Now you don’t have to spend hours giving your invoice professional look because Invoice Quickly does all the work for you. Invoices created with Invoice Quickly are professional and give your business a credible look.

Set Invoice Due Dates

You can easily set due dates for the payments in Invoice Quickly, not just that you can also edit Due Dates after you have saved your invoices

Send Payment Reminders

One of the most powerful features of Invoice Quickly is payment reminders which actually help businesses and freelancers get faster. After the invoice has been created and sent to the client via email or link, you can send your clients payment reminders to remind them about due dates. You can easily customize the template of these emails in settings [More on this later]

Communicate With Clients

Now you don’t need to leave your app or browser tab to communicate with your client regarding invoice, you can do that right on the invoice page. 

Give Discounts To Your Customers

Giving discounts is one of the best ways to increase your customer loyalty and boost sales, with Invoice Quickly you can easily give your customers discounts. You can easily select from already saved discounts while creating an invoice. 

Send Invoices In Multiple Currencies

Invoice Quickly not only lets you choose the currency for a customer but it also lets you choose the different currency for each invoice right from the invoice page.

See Invoice History

In the invoice dashboard complete history (which includes complete edit and payment history) of each and every invoice can be seen. Everything regarding your invoices is saved to give you a better view of your business. 

Auto Calculate Taxes On Invoices

Invoice Quickly automatically calculates taxes for each invoice from the saved settings to save you a lot of hustle.

Other powerful features in invoices include customization of terms and conditions, printing of invoices and instant invoice updates. 

2. Accept Online Payments

No more chasing clients for collecting payments , with Invoice Quickly you can accept online payments right on your Invoices.
This saves a lot of your precious time and effort which you can spend in other productive tasks
Invoice Quickly integrates seamlessly with Stripe and Paypal, just input your Stripe or Paypal api keys in Invoice Quickly and you are all set to accept online payments.
We are working day and night to add more payment gateways to the Invoice Quickly and they will be announced soon.

3. Create Professional Estimates

Sending professional estimates to your customers/clients can increase your sales but let’s admit it takes a lot of time and effort to create professional estimates.
Invoice Quickly lets you create professional estimates in a matter of minutes and if you have product’s and client’s information already saved then seconds.
You can print these estimates or send them via email to your customers.

4. Manage Unlimited Clients/Customers

You can now manage unlimited clients/customers with Invoice Quickly. You can quickly and very easily save client’s and customer’s details to send them invoices and estimates.
Invoice Quickly also gives you complete history and powerful insights about your clients and customers.

5. Manage Unlimited Products/Services

Same as Clients/Customers you can easily save unlimited products and services in Invoice Quickly.
This helps a lot while creating Invoices and Estimates to send to your customers.Invoice Quickly also provides history ,report and powerful insights about your products and services to help your business grow.

6. Customize Email Templates

Invoices can be sent via email to the customers but in addition to this a lot of other emails are also sent to your customers like when invoice is created ,invoice payment, invoice reminder , thank you and credit note.
All of these emails can be customized in settings as per your business needs and voice.

7. Powerful Reports

Invoice Quickly actually helps you grow your business by giving you powerful insights about your business.  

Invoice Quickly lets you generate lots of reports about your business within few clicks. Reports that can be generated with Invoice Quickly are given below 

  • Fully Paid Invoices 
  • Partially Paid Invoices  
  • Past Due Date Invoices 
  • Top Customers 
  • Defaulters 
  • Best Performing Service 
  • Best Performing Product 

These were some of the prominent features of Invoice Quickly, there are tons of other features and preferences which make invoicing and getting paid easier for small business and freelancers.  

Our mission is to make it easy for small and medium sized business, freelancers and agency owners to send invoices and get paid.

We at Invoice Quickly are always working to make our platform better and helpful for our users. We are always adding new features and improvements to our platform, for updates and upcoming features you can check our Product Road map


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