New & Improved Billed: Time Tracking , Recurring Billing & More


Ever since we launched Invoice Quickly we have received overwhelming response from the users and our visitors . Many businesses rely on Invoice Quickly now to manage and organize their business.

We have people from all kinds of businesses using our platform to send Invoices and get paid quickly.

Our customers have been very nice in giving us feedback and telling us what we should develop and what we should improve. We always value our customer’s feedback even if it is a small thing.

We have made many minor improvements in our platform over the time and It is time to announce some major updates we have been working on lately.

These features have been available to some users as a beta for sometime and we are finally making these features live.

There are 5 major features we want to announce today and they are given below.

  1. Recurring Invoices/Billing
  2. Expense Tracking
  3. Multi User Management
  4. Project Management
  5. Time Tracking

1.Recurring Invoices / Billing

Recurring Invoices are required in industry and they can save you a ton of time to focus on your business. You just need to create a Recurring Invoicing Profile  for your customer once and Invoice Quickly will do the rest for you ,you will not need to do anything further. 

You will not have to create Invoices weekly or Monthly yourself. Invoice Quickly will do that for you. 

What is Recurring Invoices?

Recurring Invoices are automatically repeated Invoices which are sent to your customers automatically after a specific time which you have set. 

Recurring Invoices are automatically sent to your customer and automatically charged. So you get paid Insanely faster with Recurring Invoices.

How to Create a recurring Invoice ?

Go to Recurring Profile option from the side bar and click ‘New Recurring Profile’

Choose your Recurring Schedule, enter required invoice fields ,click save and you are good to go. Your invoices will be generated automatically and you will not have to spend time creating invoices for your regular clients or customers.

2.Expense Tracking

Expense tracking is very important for any business and we have just made it easier to manage it in once place. 

This was the second most requested feature from our users as they wanted to manage Invoices and expenses in one place. 

How to track Expenses?

Expense tracking in Invoice Quickly is very easy and simple to track your expenses go to “Expenses” option from the side bar and click “Add Expense”

You will be shown a popup. Follow these simple steps given below to add your expense. 

  1. Choose or add new category of your expense.
  2. Choose or add the new Vendor.
  3. Choose the date.
  4. Enter your expense amount
  5. Add description for your expense 
  6. Attach receipt if you want to with your expense
  7. Click save 

We have also added the ability to import expenses from a csv file after your feedback.

3.User Management

You can add and manage users now in Invoice Quickly. You can add other users and your teammates to your Invoice Quickly account so they can also manage the Invoices and other things.

Adding new users in Invoice Quickly is very easy. 

Go to Settings -> Manage Users and click Add New

Enter user details and click submit and your new user is added ;). 

User Management is at an early stage and we are improving this feature even more to give you a seamless experience.

4.Project Management

We are very happy to announce that we have added Project Management in Invoice Quickly which means you can now easily manage all of your projects in Invoice Quickly.

There are two types of projects supported in Invoice Quickly, fixed rate and hourly rate. You can manage both types of projects in Invoice Quickly . 

You can easily add and manage tasks in the projects and log time. Invoices for the project are created project based for fixed rate projects and task based for hourly rate projects.

This saves you a lot of time and effort as you do not have to manually create and organise the invoices, Invoice Quickly does that for you.

5.Time Tracking

Time tracking is very important, especially in the Freelance business where you are charging for your time. 

We have now made it very easy to track your time so you can charge for your time easily. 

You can easily track your time by going to Time Tracking option for the sidebar and adding your task. Invoice Quickly will automatically create invoices for you. 

With time tracking you can focus more on your work and business while Invoice Quickly handles all the invoicing and billing for you. 

These were some major features we have introduced in Invoice Quickly , we also made some minor changes related to currencies, taxes and other things which were related to user experience.

We have also added the ability to import and export customers,products,services and expenses.

There is a lot more coming to Invoice Quickly as we are always working to improve your experience on our platform.

We value your feedback and read every email so keep giving us your feedback and if you need any help we are just one email away from you 🙂 

Happy Invoicing.


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