About Billed App

Billed App is an online invoice, estimate and expense software for small businesses and teams. Billed App helps businesses get paid faster with professional invoices, estimates and credit card payments. We make invoicing easy and simple for businesses and help them save time and money.

Our Mission

At Billed App our mission is to make easy invoicing, estimating and expense tracking accessible to every small business. Getting your clients to pay you quickly is a big problem, and we want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay you so you can get paid faster.

Why did we start Billed App?

We started Billed App to solve our own invoicing solution. We initially started as a custom software company so we needed to bill our clients. Being a software company we built a billing solution for ourselves. Soon we realized that there was not an affordable yet extensive invoicing platform available for small businesses, so we decided to share our billing system with small businesses and teams. We officially launched in 2018 and since then response from the small business and entrepreneur community has been great and today we serve more than ten thousand businesses.

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