Features That Make Invoicing
A Breeze For You.

Features that make invoicing , expense tracking and managing business easy for you.


Customisable Invoices

Choose invoice template, add your logo and business info and customize invoices according to your needs.

Payment Reminders

Send payment reminders to your customers to get paid faster on your invoices. Customize payment reminders.

Accept Credit Cards

Allow your clients to pay with their credit cards on your invoices and get paid twice as fast.

Recurring Invoices

Save time by sending invoices on a regular schedule so you don’t have to create invoices again and again.

Due Dates

Set due dates for payment on your invoices so your clients know when they have to pay you.

Give Discounts

You can easily give discounts to your clients on your invoices. Billed App makes sure your billing is always flexible.

Multiple Currencies

Invoice your customers in multiple currencies. Choose different currency for each invoice or customer.

Automatic Tax Calculations

Stay accurate with Billed App auto tax calculations. Don’t worry about collecting the right amount of tax.

Invoice History

Billed App keeps complete history about the Invoice and its payments from the moment it is created.

Invoice Chat

Communicate with your client about invoice in one place without leaving your dashboard.

Void Invoices

Made a mistake while creating invoice? Easily void your invoices in Billed App for better accounting.

Invoice Reports

Create reports about your invoices and see how well your business is doing. 


Attach Receipts

Never lose a single receipt again. Keep all of your receipts in Billed App.

Categorize Expenses

Easily categorize your expenses in Billed App. This helps you in filing taxes during tax season.

Save Vendors

Save your vendors to log your expenses quickly.

Edit Expenses

Made a mistake while adding expense? Edit your expenses quickly in Billed App.

Multi Currency

Track your expenses in multiple currencies.

Expense Report

Create expense report easily to give your accountant all the information required for tax filing. 

Estimates & Quotes

Estimate Templates

Create professional estimates with Billed App estimate templates. 

Customize Estimates

Customize your estimates according to your needs. Add your logo, business info and more in estimates.

Estimate Notes

Add important notes for your clients in estimates.

Get Estimate Approval

Get estimate approval from your customer twice as fast by sending them online.

Communicate With Client

Communicate with your client about estimate without leaving your dashboard.

Convert An Estimate To Invoice

Convert your estimate to invoice with a single click after getting approval from your client.

Estimate History

See complete history of an invoice from the moment it is created.

Download Estimates

Download your estimates as Pdf file for print or external use.

Estimate Attachments

Attach important files and images with your estimates.

Time Tracking

Team Time Tracking

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Collaborate and track your team’s time in one place.

Daily , Weekly Breakdown

Get daily and weekly breakdown and track your progress easily.

Bill For Tracked Time

Get paid for every second. Easily create invoices for the tracked time and get paid.

Log Time

Log time for your tasks quickly and easily and save time.

Track Time For Projects

See how much time you are spending on a project with Project time tracking.

Export Timesheets

Create and export your and your team’s timesheets.


Flat Rate Projects

Manage your flat rate projects and create Invoice at any stage of the project.

Hourly Rate Projects

Manage hourly rate projects and track time for your projects. Easily bill for time tracked.

Project Invoices

Keep all invoices related to your project in one place. 

Project Tasks

Keep all the tasks related to projects in one place so you can quickly access them

Project Overview

See what you and your team are doing from the project overview.

Project Due Dates

Deliver your projects on time with project due dates in Billed App.


Accept Credit Cards

Accept credit card payments on your invoices with Billed App.

Accept Paypal

Integrate Paypal with Billed App and accept Paypal payments on invoices.

Record Offline Payments

Record offline payments easily with Billed App payment management.

Send Payment Reminders

Send payment reminders for your invoices to get paid faster.

Refund Customers

Refund your customers without leaving Billed App and keep track of it.

Payment Receipts

Send payment receipts to your clients after they have paid for your invoices.

Financial Reporting

Top Customers

See who your top customers are to give them special treatment.

Defaulter Customers

See who owes you money and send them payment reminders to get paid.

Top Selling Products

See which products are selling like crazy and introduce similar products.

Partially Paid Invoices

See partially paid invoices and send payment reminders to your customers.

Expense Reports

Create expense reports to see where the money is being spent.

Income Vs Expense Report

Create income vs expense report to see how profitable your business is.

Time Sheets

Create time sheets from the time tracked to see how your team is spending time.

Payments Report

Get all the payment details in a specific period of time.

Expense By Category

Get expense report by category to help your accountant in filing taxes.


Client Profiles

Create and save client profiles to bill them quickly.

Client Dashboard

See all the details related to a client in client dashboard.

Client Report

See invoices, payments and time to pay in customer reports.

Client Payments

See all the payments made by a client in one place.

Client Invoices

See all of customer’s invoices in one place and save time.

Client Quotations

See all the estimates sent to customer in a centralized place.

Other Important Features

Save Products & Services

Save products and services in Billed App and pull these products quickly in your invoices.

Product Reports

See which products and  services are selling like crazy and create offers for your customers.

Email Templates

Customize all the emails that are sent to your customer to match your business voice.

Email SMTP

Configure custom email SMTP so emails are sent from your business.

Manage Multiple Businesses

Manage multiple businesses in one place and save your time by keeping things centralized.

Zapier Integration

Connect to 1000+ apps with Zapier Integration.


Create coupons to give discounts to your customers.

Permission & Roles

Invite your team mates, accountants and contractors and grant them permission in your account.

Tax Rates

Save tax rates and settings to calculate taxes automatically while creating invoices and estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can manage multiple businesses in Billed App. You can easily switch between businesses in Billed App.

Yes you can create recurring profiles and send recurring profiles with ease in Billed App.

Yes you can accept credit card payments on your invoices.

Yes you can invite your team, accountants and contractors in your account and grant them permissions. 

You can choose from a number of invoice templates and add your logo and other business info on your invoices.

Yes you can add custom SMTP settings and send emails from your own email account.

Yes your clients can approve or reject your estimates online.

Yes you can add files with invoices and estimates.