Manage Multiple Businesses & Teams In One Place

Billed brings ultimate efficiency to managing multiple businesses and teams in one place. Seamlessly plan, track, and collaborate on projects across all your ventures, simplifying your management processes.

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Keep Invoicing Separate For All Businesses

With Billed’s multi-brand feature, effortlessly keep invoices for your businesses separate. Simplify your financial management by generating and tracking invoices specific to each business, ensuring clear and organized records for all your businesses.

Recurring Invoices

Manage Business Expenses Separately

With Billed, managing multiple businesses is a breeze as it allows you to separate your business expenses. Say goodbye to the confusion in mixed-up expenditures.

Billed ensures precise categorization, helping you stay organized and simplifying tax season for each business.

Manage Information For Each Business

Managing information for each of your businesses becomes effortless. Seamlessly add and manage data specific to each venture, ensuring a clear overview of all your business activities. Billed allows you to switch between businesses seamlessly while invoicing and tracking expenses, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.

Create Financial Reports For Each Business

Create detailed financial reports for each of your businesses with Billed.

Billed offers unlimited reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate comprehensive and tailored financial reports for every individual business. 

Manage Teams, Roles & Permissions For Businesses

Effortlessly manage teams, roles, and permissions for your businesses with Billed. Its intuitive interface, you can easily invite your team members and efficiently handle their roles and permissions within the platform. Streamline collaboration, assign responsibilities, and control access levels effortlessly, ensuring smooth teamwork and effective business management.