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Download free, professional, and customizable invoice template right now and invoice your clients quickly. Impress your clients by creating professional invoices in Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Browse our template collection and choose the one that suits your needs.

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As a small business owner, you have a lot of work to do. You have to spend a lot of time creating beautiful and professional invoices for your clients to get paid faster. Other than creating invoices, you have customer service and other business operations. A good invoicing system can lessen your burden of invoicing so you can spend your time productively.

You can now create invoices easily with free invoice templates from Billed App. You can download, customize, and send invoices in minutes with our free invoice templates.

Billed App is an invoice software that helps businesses get faster with professional invoices. Our team has created beautiful free invoice templates that you can download for free, customize and send them to your clients.

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Microsoft Word

Word invoice template with business details

Microsoft Excel

Invoice With Billed App

Invoice With Billed App

Adobe PDF

Editable pdf invoice template with sample logo

Google Sheets

Google Docs

Google Docs Invoice Template with Blue Top Bar and Sample Logo

Invoice With Billed App

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Throughout the world, people use Microsoft Word to create all kinds of documents, reports, and invoices. You can design and customize invoices as you want in Word.

You can change colors, fonts, and design as per your business needs. With free Word Invoice Templates, you don’t have to design invoices, add line items, etc. You can just simply fill it out and send it to your client.

Our Word Invoice template is very flexible, and you can customize it according to your clients’ invoicing needs.



A Microsoft Excel Invoice Template by Billed App works great because it automatically calculates totals and taxes on your invoice. You just need to fill your items, quantity, and price, and this template will calculate everything for you. Our template comes pre-configured with all the calculations, so do not need to worry about manual calculations.

Excel Invoice Template by Billed App is completely customizable and can capture all the information that needs to go on an invoice. Your client will clearly understand what they are paying for with this invoice template.

There is one downside to this template; not all people have Excel installed on their phones or computers, so your clients might not be able to see this resulting in late payment.

download excel invoice template


Download the free PDF Invoice template and send invoices quickly to your clients.PDF document have a huge advantage as customers can view it on any device, which will help you in cutting down potential payment delays.

You can easily modify PDF according to your needs, but it is tough to change it after you have sent it, which reduces the chances that the invoice will be altered.

Download the invoice, edit it according to your needs, and print it. You can add your business logo and other details, and you will have invoices with your business branding ready in no time. Print invoices and send them to your customers or email invoices to your clients.

Editable pdf invoice template with sample logo

Google Sheets

This template is also very useful as you just need to fill items, and their prices and total and tax will be calculated for you automatically. Your customer doesn’t need to install any app or software, as Google lets you share your documents with a link.

Google Sheets invoices can capture all the details of the invoice, and you can easily add or delete any field you want. One added benefit of Google sheets is that you will be able to access your invoices from anywhere in the world.

To create fully customizable invoices, get started with the 30-day trial of Billed App.

Google Docs Invoice Template with Blue Top Bar and Sample Logo

Google Docs

If you don’t have Microsoft Word on your computer or mobile, you can use¬†Google Docs¬†Invoice template created by Billed App Team. You just and need to fill your item details, and the invoice will be ready to send within minutes. You can then share your invoice via a link or print it directly from Google Docs.

Google Docs allows you to share your documents with your teammates and accountants. You can easily manage permissions and share the document with your team for review and approval.


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Which format should I use?

Choosing an invoice format depends on your business and industry you are in.
See what fields your invoice needs according to your industry and what kind of design will appeal to customers in your industry.
After that, choose which file format you are comfortable creating an invoice in and download that template.

What are the benefits of using Templates?

Here are the benefits of creating professional electronic invoices using invoice templates.

  • They are an easy way to keep your business finances organized.
  • You look professional to your clients.
  • You can download templates in many formats like PDF, .DOC, XLS, CSV etc.
  • You can add fields in invoices according to your business needs.
  • You can customize invoices with your logo and other business information.
  • You can organize invoices for a client.
  • Keep all the information you need during tax time in one place.

Manually creating invoices can lead to calculation errors and can cost you a lot of time. If you are tired of creating invoices manually, try Billed App free for 30 days, and create professional invoices instantly. Along with invoices, you can accept credit card payments, send estimates, track expenses, and manage your clients and projects. Sign up for a risk-free trial today, no credit card is required to sign up.

Types of Invoices for Small Business

Here are the types of invoices you can create for your customers as a small business.

  • Standard Invoice: The most common type of small business invoice which contains all information.
  • Credit Invoice: A credit memo is issued to a customer as a refund or discount to correct the previous invoicing mistake or error.
  • Debit Invoice: A Debit memo is used when a business wants to adjust the invoice and increase the amount of an invoice.
  • Mixed Invoice: A mixed invoice contains debit and credit in one invoice. It is used when you need to decrease the amount of one project and an increase for the other.
  • Commercial Invoice: This invoice is used when a business is selling to international customers. Commercial invoices contain details that are needed to calculate duties.
  • Timesheet Invoice: Timesheet invoices are used when business is charging on per hour basis.
  • Expense Report: Expense report is a type of invoice which is submitted by an employee to their employer. It contains all business-related expenses.
  • Pro Forma Invoice: Proforma invoice is issued before providing services to a client with an estimated cost. The cost can be changed after the completion of the project.
  • Interim Invoice: Interim invoices are used in big projects when you need to invoice for a deliverable or milestone.
  • Final Invoice: The final invoice is sent to the customer after the completion of the project.
  • Past Due Invoice: If the final invoice is not paid by the due date, businesses send a past due invoice to request payment.
  • Recurring Invoice: Recurring invoices are used to charge your customers periodically.
  • Purchase Invoice: Sellers provide purchase invoices to their buyers. The purchase invoice outlines products and services which the buyer bought.
  • Sales Invoice: The sales invoice is sent to the customer to request payments for the items sold.
  • E-Invoice: E-invoices is the term used for the invoices that are sent electronically.

What to include in an invoice?

Most people wonder what an Invoice should look like. Well, here are the things that you should include in an invoice.

  • The word “Invoice”: Add the word “Invoice,” which clearly states that this document is an invoice, not an estimate or a credit note.
  • A unique Invoice Number : Assign a unique invoice number to your invoice to keep track of the finances. We recommend using a sequential numbering system that is easy to manage.
  • Company Name and Address: You should mention your company name and address on your invoices.
  • The company name and address of the customer: Adding customer company name and address on the invoices is the standard procedure, but it is a must in some cases.
  • Description of products and services: Description of products or services you provided your customer. By including description, customers can see what they are paying for.
  • Invoice Due Date: Add invoice due date on your invoice, so customers know when to pay you.
  • Invoice Date: Add invoice date to show when the invoice you generated the invoice.
  • Amount Payable: Calculate the total and list it on the invoice.
  • Payment terms: Businesses usually list payment terms at the bottom of the invoice. For example, “payment within 30 days”.

Templates By Industry

We have created invoices for almost every industry, but if you do not see your industry in our list, you can get started with our free sample invoice template.

Choose your business category from the options below, download the invoice and customize it according to your needs.


Invoice template collection for creative work


Invoice templates for IT related services.


Invoice Templates for legal services and work.

Trades & Home Services

Professional templates for many trades and services.


Generic Invoice templates that can be used in any industry.

Some Other Free Templates

Are these templates really free?

Yes, every one of these invoice templates is 100% free. You can download them, customize them, and use them free of cost. Our team has created all these invoices to help the business community. You just need to fill the fields in these invoice templates and send them to your clients.

If you are tired of keeping track of invoices manually, Billed App can help you keep track of all invoices and payments. You can create invoices, recurring invoices, estimates, and track expenses in one place, saving you a lot of time and effort. Start your 30-day risk-free trial now. 

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How to customize an invoice?

Invoice templates by Billed App are very easy to customize. Here are the steps to customize templates easily

Format of an invoice

1. Add Invoice Number and Date

Add invoice date and number to keep track of invoices.

2. Fill your company name, address, and contact

Add your business details, such as company name, address, and contact details, so your clients know how to contact you.

3. Include Items description and their rates

Fill the description of items, so there is no confusion about what the customer is paying for.

4. Add Tax Information

Add applicable taxes so you can charge your clients for them.

5. Calculate Amount Payable

Calculate the amount that the customer has to pay you. This amount is usually the sum of items and taxes.

6. Invoice Terms and Notes

Add terms and notes to your invoices. Mention your bank details or other payment methods so the client can pay you easily. Make sure to add terms about payments etc on every invoice.

A Better Way To Send Professional Invoices

Are you tired of creating invoices manually? Invoice is the single most important document in your business, and it can take a lot of time to create and organize invoices. Fortunately, there is a better way to create invoices.

Sign up for Billed App and create invoices easily within minutes. You can customize your invoices with your branding and send them to your customers. You can also accept online and credit card payments on your invoice. Billed App also helps you in tracking expenses, creating estimates, and managing your projects.

Send Recurring Invoices

Create Invoices once and turn on recurring invoicing to get paid automatically.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Allow your customers to pay you with their credit cards and get paid twice as fast.

Keep Finances Organized

Keep all of your invoices in one place and save your time.

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Create Professional Looking Invoices on the Go

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