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What if invoice creation becomes free and easy at the same time? Using a free invoice generator is always a good idea for a business. You can put the necessary details in a pre-built template and generate an invoice immediately.
Popular invoice generators provide many additional features besides invoice creation. You can add, save and track the invoices using free invoice generators. The following points will help you further:

  1. How to Make An Invoice Using the Invoice Generator?

  2. Elements of an Invoice

  3. Benefits of Using an Invoice Generator

  4. Final Words

How to Make An Invoice Using the Invoice Generator?

We have made a step-by-step guide to help you make your first invoice using an invoice generator. The structure and elements of invoices may vary slightly in different invoice generators. However, the following steps include the comprehensive information that will help you to complete invoice generating process:

  • Add your business details, including the company’s name, contact details, and business address.

  • Enter your client’s details, including the client’s name, contact number, Email, and address.

  • Add the line items that will cover the products or services against which you want to claim the payment from your client. You must add each line item’s description, quantity, and amount.

  • Add tax and discount if they apply to this particular transaction.

  • You can upload documents as attachments.

  • Now add invoicing notes if you want to add them to your invoice.

  • Finally, save the invoice or send it to your client.

Elements of An Invoice

Every invoice contains necessary information about your business, clients, and particular transaction details. The following points cover all the essential elements of an invoice that will let you customize the invoices for your business:

An invoice shows your business logo at the top. You can upload your company’s logo, which will automatically appear at the top while creating a new invoice. You can leave it blank if your business doesn’t have a logo yet.

Business Details
Business details include your company’s name, contact details, and address. If you have already added these details, they will automatically appear in every new invoice. However, you can edit these details while creating an invoice.

Client Details
Client details are the essential elements of an invoice. It includes your client’s name, phone number, Email, and address. 

Invoice Number
Invoice generators allot a unique number to each invoice. The invoice number helps to identify and track the invoice. Each new invoice number will be one number greater than the last invoice number. For instance, if the last invoice number was INV003, the system will automatically allot invoice number INV004 to the next invoice.

An invoice contains the date which shows the payment will be due on that date. It helps both parties to keep a record of the due date of a particular payment.

Product and Services Details
The body of the invoice includes the description of products or services. It contains the following details:

  • Product or service name
  • Quantity of products
  • The unit price of each product
  • If you are billing concerning hours, then it includes the hourly rate.

Tax and Discounts
The invoice contains tax and discount details (if applicable). Taxes and discounts are calculated based on a percentage or a fixed amount.

Total Balance
The invoice contains the total balance at the bottom. This balance is calculated after tax and discount calculations. 

Payment Instructions
Payment instructions include different payment methods. Clients use these details to make payments. If you have added your PayPal and stripe details, they will be automatically added to the invoice.

Terms and Conditions
The invoice also contains the terms and conditions of the transaction (if any).

Benefits of Using an Invoice Generator

Invoice generator makes your daily work routine easier. It helps you to add, record, and maintain your transaction details. It facilitates you in the following ways:

Provide Professional Format 
Invoice generators provide a professional invoicing format. You don’t have to do the extra fatigue of adding and arranging different elements of an invoice. You just have to enter the relevant details, and you are good to go.
A professional format helps you clearly deliver accurate details to your clients. It helps your client extract the invoice’s purpose at a glance.

Represents your business
A professional invoice format will represent your business gracefully. It will help you to establish a good business relationship with your clients. The company’s logo and details in an invoice can become a cause of your business recognition.

Provides Payment History
Handling hundreds of transactions is not an issue anymore. You can easily save the transactions’ details using invoice generators. The invoice generator lets you add, use and keep your payment history in a single interface. You can access a particular transaction’s details whenever you want.

Helps to Obtain Payments
Invoice generator helps you to make and send invoices that help you to obtain your payments timely. The precisely stated information about the transaction in an invoice would keep your clients remembering things like the total amount and due date.

Saves time and efforts
Invoice generators autofill many components of your invoice. It makes the invoice creation process more manageable and simpler. So, the invoice generator saves time and effort. 

Make the Invoice Sharing Easier
Invoice generators let you save, print, and share invoices with just a few clicks. It’s a matter of minutes to make and share your invoices with multiple clients. 
You can also export invoices in PDF form. Invoice generators also let you send invoices via a link or through Email. 

Final Words

Invoice generators can be a game changer for your business, especially when it’s free. Free invoice generators make your business transactions cost-effective and effortless. It lets you customize your invoices in different templates. So, start using an invoice generator to make your work life easier.