Invoice Software That Gets You Paid Faster

Billed makes small business invoicing simple, easy, and fast. You can spend more time on the things you love than creating manual Invoices. Billed helps you grow your business and get paid faster. 

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Create Professional Invoices With Ease

You work hard on your business, and your invoices should look professional too. Billed  makes it ridiculously easy to create professional invoices, customize them with your business info, and send them via customized emails.

Automate Your Billing With Recurring Invoices

Save time and effort by sending recurring invoices automatically with Billed. Charge your clients automatically by accepting credit cards. Automatically create and send invoices every day, week, month, or year.

Look Professional With
Invoice Templates

Choose from our variety of invoice templates for each industry and send professional invoices to your customers. We have carefully created invoice templates for every industry and you can easily customize them.

Follow Up With Payment Reminders

Your invoices can get lost in customers’ inboxes or mail, remind them with payment reminders to get paid faster. Billed automatically sends payment reminders to your customers. You can also customize payment reminders easily.

Accept Credit Cards & Get Paid Faster

Don’t waste your time waiting in line at bank to cash client’s checks.Allow your clients to pay online and get paid twice as fast on your invoices.

Auto Calculate Taxes

Stay accurate with Billed tax calculations. Save your tax settings once and let Billed calculate all the taxes for you, saving you a lot of time. You can add tax on items as well as on the entire invoice.

Customize Invoices According To Your Business

You can easily customize invoices to give your clients a professional look instead of spending hours trying to create them manually. Add your logo, business info, payment terms, and comments as per your needs.

Set Due Dates On Your Invoices

Set due dates on your invoices with a single click and track their status. Send reminders to the customers on due and past due invoices.

Customize Email Templates To Match Your Business Needs

Customize templates of emails sent to your customers to match your business voice.You can customize every email that is sent to your customer from the settings.

Create Cash Invoices For Walk In Customers

Save time by creating cash invoices quickly for your walk-in customers. Run your daily retail business by invoicing your walk-in customers with minimal customer info. Get paid and print invoice for handing out to your customer.

Other Features That Make Invoicing A Breeze
For Small Businesses

Void Invoices

Made an error in Invoices? No worries, void any invoice you want in Billed.

Send Invoices Via Email

Send invoices to your customers directly via customized email and get paid faster.

Invoice Attachments

Add attachments to your invoices like important images and product pictures.

Communicate With Clients

Chat with your customer for an invoice in one place to keep things centralized.

Import Invoices

Coming from spreadsheets? Easily import invoices from csv files.

Refund Your Customers

Refund your customers from within Billed and keep track of refunds.

Print Invoices

Print your invoices for official use or for your sending invoice to your customer via mail.

Invoice History

See the complete history of invoice from the moment it was created.

Give Discounts

Add your discount settings and easily give your clients discount on invoices.

Export Invoices

Export your invoices to spreadsheets for external use.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can send recurring invoices with Invoice . Click Here for more details on recurring invoices.

You can use the Billed on any device. You just need to install the Billed mobile application on android and IOS and need a browser on the desktop.

We take safety of your data very seriously.We use industry leading secure servers and use 256 Bit SSL encryption.

You can accept credit card payments on your invoices by integrating Billed with Stripe & Paypal.

Yes with online invoices your customer can view the invoice online. Billed create a shareable link to your invoice so you can share it with your customer.

Billed saves you from calculation errors that happen when you create manual invoices. All the taxes are automatically calculated for you according to your settings.