Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Download the free Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template from Billed. It will help you create and send detailed estimates quickly.

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Estimating the material, setting the price, and submitting the estimates are the key to success. That’s why Billed provides you free multifunctional bathroom remodeling estimate template so that you could create and send estimates that are high-quality and precise.
Our attractive estimate templates are available in various popular formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, and Excel. You can download it for free.

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Download Free Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimate Template

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

With this template, you can quickly and accurately estimate the cost of a bathroom remodeling project. Download it now and start creating professional estimates for your clients.

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Bathroom Remodeling Project Estimate Template

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

This customizable estimate template is designed to help you save time and ensure your estimates are as accurate as possible. Download it today and start creating professional estimates in seconds.

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Efficiently generate estimates with our template to streamline your business processes.

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Estimate With Billed

Generate estimates effortlessly with our streamlined template.

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Blank Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Creating accurate estimates for your bathroom remodeling projects just got easier with our Blank Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template. Download it now and start creating accurate and reliable estimates to help you.

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Free Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Download our free and customizable Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template to quickly and accurately estimate the cost of any bathroom remodeling project. Download it now and start creating professional estimates in seconds.

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Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Printable Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template

Print out our Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template to quickly and accurately estimate the cost of any bathroom remodeling project. This template includes sections for materials, labor costs, other expenses, and a summary of the total estimated cost.

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How to quote for bathroom remodel?

When preparing a quote for a bathroom remodel, it’s essential to consider all the expenses involved in completing the project, including the cost of materials, labour, and any additional services required. To create an engaging quote, you’ll want to consider the following steps:

Assess the scope of the project: Begin by understanding the specific requirements of the bathroom remodel. Take measurements, note any particular features or fixtures requested, and consider additional services like plumbing or electrical work.

Research costs: Research the current market prices for materials, fixtures, and labor in your area. This will help you determine the approximate expenses involved in the project.

Calculate labour costs: Estimate the number of hours or days required for the project and multiply it by the hourly rate or daily rate for your services. Ensure you account for any subcontractors or specialists you may need to hire.

Account for materials: Create a detailed list of all the materials needed for the remodel, including tiles, flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, and accessories. Research the costs of these items and calculate the total material expenses.

Consider additional expenses: Factor in incidental costs such as transportation, permits, disposal fees, and taxes. These expenses should be included in your quote to ensure accurate pricing.

Add your markup: Determine your desired profit margin and add it to your expenses. This markup covers your overhead and business expenses and allows for a profit.

Present the quote: Compile all the information into a clear and professional quote document. Include a breakdown of costs, a description of the project, and any terms and conditions.

Remember, communication is vital. Engage with your client throughout the process, address their concerns, and be open to any modifications or adjustments they may request. A well-prepared and engaging quote demonstrates professionalism and helps build trust with your potential client.

What is bathroom remodeling?

Bathroom remodeling is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your bathroom and transform it into a fresh and stylish space. It involves making changes to the layout, design, and overall appearance, without getting into major structural modifications like tearing down walls or changing the size of the room.
Think of it as giving your bathroom a makeover! You can update outdated fixtures, replace worn-out tiles, install modern lighting, upgrade your vanity, or even add a luxurious bathtub or a trendy shower. The goal is to create a space that reflects your style and enhances functionality and aesthetics.
For example, you have an older bathroom with plain white tiles, an old-fashioned bathtub, and outdated lighting fixtures. With a bathroom remodel, you can completely revamp the look. You might replace the tiles with sleek, colorful ones, swap the old bathtub for a sleek and modern freestanding tub, and install contemporary light fixtures that create a warm and inviting ambience. With these changes, your bathroom will feel like a whole new space!
In essence, remodeling allows you to unleash your creativity and customize your bathroom to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a minimalist design, a spa-like retreat, or a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, a well-executed remodel can make a significant difference in your bathroom’s look and feel.

Write an estimate that your customer will accept.

Everyone has already received an offer or a cost estimate that they were annoyed about. What are common causes for this? The contractor did not fully understand the customer and is offering something that the customer does not want. That is why it is important for you as an entrepreneur to communicate well with your customers. It usually helps to pick up the phone for a moment. 

You also have to be honest with yourself and your customer: only offer something that you can really do at this price. And of course, consider in advance whether you want to include room for discounts in your first offer. 

Fairness and quality are important for a good relationship with the customer and thus a good basis for long-term success! Make your work easier with software like Billed for creating professional offers and cost estimates for more customer satisfaction!

Why should a business issue an estimate?

A business should issue an estimate for several reasons:

Establish trust with the customer: Providing an estimate shows that you are transparent and honest about your pricing and services, which can help build trust with the customer.

Set expectations: An estimate helps set clear expectations about the scope of work, timeline, and total cost of the project, which can help avoid misunderstandings or disagreements down the line.

Avoid disputes: By providing a written estimate, both the business and the customer have a clear and accurate record of what was agreed upon, which can help avoid disputes or legal issues in the future.

Secure the job: A detailed and professional estimate can help make a good impression on the customer and increase the likelihood of being awarded the job.

Plan and manage resources: An estimate helps the business plan and allocate resources, such as materials, labor, and subcontractors, to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Stay competitive: Providing estimates is standard practice in most industries, and not providing one may make your business less competitive in the marketplace.

Why Use Our Estimate Templates?

Every client and project has different requirements and budget-levels. To meet all the levels of budgets and requirements, you need to create a quote that fits all your and your client’s needs.
That’s why you need to use accounting software that fulfills all your business needs. Luckily, Billed is a powerful tool that can centrally manage and streamline the business, and SMEs, like sales management, payment management, grasping sales forecasts, cash flow forecasts, as well as creating quotations and invoices.

  • Create quotes in bulk
  • Automatic calculation
  • Alert function to prevent billing omission
  • Reduce the psychological stress of paperwork

Role of Estimate

Estimates or quotations should be issued for exchanging work. Let’s confirm the two roles of the quotation.


・ Avoid unnecessary troubles

An estimate or quotation is a document that proposes to the client of the job what to deliver and the amount. Therefore, if you proceed with the work without issuing a quotation, various troubles may occur later if there is a discrepancy between the client and the client in terms of work content, amount of money, delivery date, etc.


・ It will be a material for comparison and examination for the client

The quotation is not necessarily issued after the job request is confirmed.

In some cases, the client requests the issuance of a quotation as material for comparing and considering the prices and delivery dates of products and services of other companies. At that time, the quotation will also be material to appeal to the client your sincerity and subsequent response to the requested content.

The sooner you submit a quote, the more you can give the impression that your work will be more reliable and quicker. However, if you place much emphasis on speed and the quotation contains content that does not meet the request of the client, or if there is an error, it will cause the evaluation to decline. Please be careful about that point.

What is the expiration date of the estimate?

There is no fixed one. It depends on the product and service. If the price of the material fluctuates, shorten the expiration date. As much as possible, it is better to add the expiration date.

Estimate making rules

When making an estimate, first calculate a rough amount and present it to the other party.

After that, you will create proposals and specifications to ensure that both parties do not misunderstand and then further squeeze the estimate’s contents.

When presenting the estimate, you must accurately describe the items, quantity, unit price, etc.

Tips While Making a Bathroom Remodeling Estimate

Estimates are the last barrier for prospects to trust and turn into customers. Here are some key tips to keep in mind to make a job estimate that your prospects can rest assured of.

 Is the estimate easy to understand?

Make sure you can see the essential parts in an instant. The estimated amount will come to your eyes first, but you need to write the details clearly to understand the rationale clearly.

If there is a discrepancy with the items to be confirmed, it may cause trouble later. You can avoid problems by creating an easy-to-understand estimate for each opportunity step.

 Is there a basis for estimating the delivery date and price?

It is a common problem that the delivery date and price stated in the estimate deviate from reality. Sales reps should not overdo it to get an order. The delivery date and price of the estimate will be decided in consultation with the person in charge of development and the person in charge of the entire project.

If you find that the delivery date and price set in the estimate cannot be completed in the middle of the process, we will consult with the customer again at that stage and approve the change in the delivery date and the billing amount.

 Can you provide it as soon as requested?

Depending on the prospective customer, we may have already collected information on the website, etc., and are considering purchasing specifically. Other prospects want to know how much it will cost as the first step in their consideration. Therefore, it’s a good idea for sales reps to be ready to offer when they enter a deal.

How to make a Bathroom Remodeling Estimate?

To create an estimate using the bathroom remodel estimate template from Billed, follow these steps:

Download the template: 

Download the free bathroom remodel estimate template from Billed in Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Microsoft Excel, or Word.

Add your company information: 

Fill in your company name, address, phone number, and email address in the appropriate fields.

Add customer information: 

Add the customer’s name, address, phone number, and email address in the appropriate fields.

Add estimate details: 

Enter the date and estimate number in the appropriate fields. Then, in the “Description of work to be done” section, provide a detailed description of the work or services that will be provided, including any materials that will be used, any permits required, and any subcontractors involved.

Itemize costs: 

Break down the project’s  costs into labor, materials, permits, and subcontractors. Enter the costs and quantities for each item in the appropriate fields.

Add up the costs: 

Use formulas or manually add up the costs for each category to determine the total estimated project cost.

Include terms and conditions: 

Enter any terms and conditions that apply to the project, such as payment methods, cancellation policies, and warranties.

Review and save: 

Review the estimate carefully to ensure accuracy and completeness. Save the estimate to your computer and print a copy for the customer.


Once you’ve created your estimate, saving a copy of it for future reference is important.


After you’ve created and saved your estimate, the next step is to send it to your client. You can send the estimate via email or bill, or you prefer to print a hard copy and hand deliver it.

Download The Bathroom Remodeling Estimate Template For Free

Billed software offers customizable and professional estimate templates for bathroom remodeling. This free estimate template is designed to help you save time and ensure your estimates are as accurate as possible. The template includes sections for materials, labor costs, and other expenses. It also provides a summary of the total estimated cost. Download it today and start creating professional estimates quickly.

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