How to make an invoice in word? A Step-by-Step Guide

How do I create an invoice with Word?

Have you just started your business and want to create your first invoice with Word? Here we explain how you create a professional-looking invoice and create a Word template that you can use repeatedly with three quick steps to the goal.

Step 1: Find out what needs to be on your bill.

Before you create an invoice, you should know what must be on an invoice to be legally valid. You can easily read that in our article “ What must be on an invoice ”.

In short, the following points should not be missing:

  • Name and business contact details of the service recipient (your customer)
  • Name and business address of the providing company (your company)
  • Your tax number or your sales tax identification number
  • The tax number of your customers or, for European customers, their sales tax identification number
  • The issuance date (when was the invoice written?)
  • Unique invoice number
  • Quantity and type of products provided or the scope and type of other services.
  • Time of delivery or service
  • The net amounts are broken down according to tax rates and their attributable tax amounts.
  • Add a payment method and terms of payment.
  • Save 
  • Send

Step 2: Choose a design for your bill.

A nicely designed invoice can become your second business card. That’s why it’s worth thinking about what the bill should look like.

You may want to choose specific stationery or a background image for your invoice template, and you must align the text blocks accordingly. Where does your logo come into its own? Do you want to add a header or footer? You should have clarified these questions to know how to arrange the text best.

Our tip: Use the free Word templates that are already available. For example, if you open a new document in Word version 2013, you will automatically show you templates. If you now enter “invoice” in the search field, you will be offered many invoice templates from which you can choose directly.

Free invoice template from Billed

Did you know that also provides a free invoice template for Word for download on our website?

If you want to write a single invoice, an invoice template in Word is often the right choice.

If you do not want a design template, we recommend working with simple text modules, headers and footers, and a table for the invoice items.

However, an invoice template in Word still requires much manual effort. Significantly when your business is growing, you have to write invoices more and more frequently.

Accounting software like will help you.

  • Create invoices faster and easier
  • Maintain a financial overview – even of unpaid bills
  • Record your expenses quickly and conveniently
  • Download the invoice template for free

Step 3: fill out your invoice template.

A simple trick right away: You can save any Word document you create as a template. To do this, simply select the “Word template” type when saving. You can then select the template again every time.

When filling out your template, you should double-check that you haven’t forgotten any information. And don’t forget to save.

Which format?

When you have finished your invoice and are sure you have thought of everything, the question arises about which format you will save and send the invoice in.

Definitely as a PDF

Today, it is more and more common to send invoices by email. However, the invoice should be saved as a PDF file in this case. This means that you are safe if the recipient is using an older version of Word and, more importantly, can no longer change the content of the invoice.

If you still want to send invoices by post, we recommend making a test print. This will ensure that the bill will look how you want it to.

Free Invoice Templates

We believe that writing invoices with invoicing software like’s invoice templates is much more fun. You can find the pros and cons in our comparison of Word and Excel versus Download our customizable and professional invoice templates for free.

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