Best Apps to Scan, Track, and Manage Receipts

Best Apps to Scan, Track, and Manage Receipts

Whether you are a consumer or a business owner, holding receipts is essential for purposes other than taxes. They are useful for exchanging or returning items, claiming rebates, extending warranties, or making you immune to unauthorized charges.

Usually, receipts are printed on thermal paper. If stored quite enough, they can last up to seven years at most. Under certain conditions, they barely left for about two months. In addition, these little sheets of paper are easy to lose. Chances are you don’t want any of this to have an impact on you, or maybe, you feel the need to go digital.

Plenty of receipt manager apps are available on the App Store, but many of them are terrible (real reviewers don’t lie). We’ve created this list so you can weigh your choices based on your needs and remove the bad from the equation. Look at the best iOS apps for managing receipts:


Smart Receipts are great for small business owners looking to get the most out of a receipt scanner tool. This app allows you to post your notes to a spreadsheet, making tax write-off calculations a piece of cake. Whether you use it as a personal finance tracker or meet your company’s accounting needs, it can provide quality reports in PDF, CSV, or zip format.

The app developer guarantees to protect your spending data and not sell it to third-party advertisers. With more than 20 different data types (date, price, receipt category, tax, comment, payment method, etc.), you can generate reports in the most seamless way.

Apart from tracking receipts and generating expense reports, it can keep an eye on the distance covered for mileage reimbursements.


Are you a small business person or self-employed? Want to get away with bookkeeping and expense tracking? Want to save a few bucks instead of hiring professional accountants and bookkeepers? Meet Receipt Bank, whose developer’s mission is to free you from such burdens.

How does it work? Take a photo of your receipt, bill, invoice, or electronic statement. Send them through an app that will manage and automate your expenses and expenses in real-time. You must subscribe to take full advantage of the tool’s features, both on the app and the website. You can get a fourteen-day free trial to see how the app works for you and your business.

If you are a professional and have clients, you can hook them up and sync their expense data to other accounting software like Billed and QuickBooks, where your receipts can also be published. Need to file IRS taxes? You can extract all the data you need.


The expense reports are scary enough to complete. It will take you years to achieve unless you buy complex OCR software, which is usually expensive. The good news is, Abukai can handle it. Among other admissions managers, Abukai is quite dependable when it comes to speed. It can send you expense reports in seconds. In terms of accuracy, you can count on the app. However, you have to correct the result because it is not easy. However, the user interface is a little complicated, so it will take a lot of getting used to it.

The resulting report has cost categorization, date, vendor, and all the other details, so all you need to do is check afterward. You will receive your report by email in Excel or standard PDF. More importantly, Abukai can customize the report based on the existing format. You can even quickly post them directly to your website, company, document management system, or ERP (company resource planning) system. Supported tools include Oracle, Exact, MYOB, Sage, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, SAP, and Billed.


Foreceipt is another excellent option for managing your receipts and generating reports from them. It can extract receipt data, but you should correct them as they may not be as smooth as some apps on this list. It’s easy to find your entry. You can quickly view your expenses by category, month, payment method, and more.

One unique benefit you get from this app is a reminder feature, so you won’t lose your utility bills or credit card fees for that month. Also, the monthly budget by category feature helps users keep track of where the money is going and how much money is left.

It automatically scans receipts, bills, and receipts and retrieves details like shop name, items purchased, price, etc., and helps you track daily taxes, income, and expenses on Google Drive right from your phone. It processes entries easily in real-time and works offline, so you don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time.


No receipt list Without Zoho, the scanner application will be complete. Zoho is known for providing cloud-based office applications (such as email, calendar, etc.). But many people don’t realize that Zoho also provides a great receipt scanning mobile application.

The Zoho app will perform an OCR scan on the receipt and fill in all the details to enter the fee form. This saves your valuable time and helps you to quickly apply these details to expense tracking records.

Zoho is a powerful application, it has a receipt scanning function, if you want to access the full set of Zoho products, you can easily choose it.


Some applications mentioned above perform receipt scanning and storage; others allow you to generate reports. Almost all of them do the same thing. When choosing the right application, you only need to consider the unique features that might be of great help to you and the developer’s latest software support.

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