How to Start Your Own Law Firm? A Simple Guide

Starting your own law firm brings many hurdles with it. A self-employed lawyer must work as an entrepreneur. However, the university does not teach how to do business as a lawyer. It “only” teaches the legal assessment of established or ascertainable facts from the past.

A business decision, on the other hand, is based on more or less reliable forecasts and relates to the future. How to reconcile this “contradiction” and then found a successful law firm, you can find out here:

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What are the requirements to be met when founding a law firm?

Bypassing the second state examination in law, you have created the basis for your independence as a lawyer. The following official steps still need to be taken:

Admission to the bar: 

To set up a law firm, you must first apply to the regional bar association for admission to the bar. Only after admission may the activity be carried out under the professional title “Lawyer” or “Advocate.” The prerequisites for this are impunity, orderly financial circumstances, the renunciation of activities incompatible with being admitted to the bar, the qualification to hold judicial office and professional liability insurance.

Admission leads to compulsory membership in the regional bar association:

However, depending on the region, a reduction or exemption from the bar association fees may be possible in the first few years of self-employment.

Registering your law firm with the Bar Association: 

Once you have been admitted as a lawyer, you must register your law firm with the regional bar association. The law firm obligation applies, which states that you may only set up and maintain a law firm in the district of the bar association in which you are a member.

Registration with the tax office: 

To receive a tax number, you must register your law firm with the tax office. This can happen relatively informally in the first step – after the tax number has been assigned, the office will systematically ask for further company details via the company opening form.

If you decide to hire employees in your law firm from the start, you must also take care of the following points:

  • Apply for a so-called company number at the local employment agency – this is an essential requirement to register employees with the health insurance company.
  • Register all workers subject to social security contributions with the health insurance company of their choice. The respective fund then forwards the registration to the pension and unemployment insurance.
  • All employees must also be registered with the administrative trade association – the statutory accident insurance carrier.
  • Report to the tax office – The wage tax on the salaries must be withheld by you and forwarded to the tax office.

Here are the Steps to Starting Your Own Law Firm

Define your area of ​​expertise

In which area of ​​law will you work? Have you ever thought about it?

This decision is very important and will involve breaking up the next decisions about your business. This definition is fundamental. Make sure you are aware of all your options: research and understand better about each of the areas of advocacy before making that decision.

The name of your law firm

In the beginning, determining the name of the law firm is one of the most important decisions that you should start with, and make sure that the name is distinguished from others, as the name is considered an effective role in attracting potential clients in any company, which greatly contributes to the success of the office.

And if you intend to imitate most of the lawyers who give their names to their offices, this is a bad thing at all at the beginning of your work, as your fame has not yet started and your name is not known in the legal circles, try to choose another name that is more attractive, even temporarily.

Law office website

The site is considered one of the most basic considerations for promoting legal services provided by your office, and it can be said that at the present time the site is of the importance that it had previously in terms of marketing, as it is now easy to market through the Internet, whatever your location, except that the choice of place Fitting to create an office in its infancy is worth noting.

It is also important to divide the office space between employees to reduce financial expenses, especially at the beginning of your career.

Licenses and permits

There is no doubt that the required paperwork of permits and licenses is an important thing that should be done before starting work, otherwise how to be a lawyer and you have not begun to abide by the laws!


Before you open a law firm from scratch, look for a suitable room. It can be a very small office. The main thing is that it should not be located on the outskirts (unless you become a known lawyer throughout the city, the firm should be located in easily accessible locations). In this room, you or your assistant will meet with customers, accounting and other documents will also be stored here.

It is also possible that employees will travel to customer calls directly to their homes. Then the only office is needed for meeting with clients.

Repair and equipment

Repair is not the most important thing a starting law firm should spend. Nevertheless, it is necessary as an indicator of status. This is best if the room is in neutral tones. Light walls (paint, wallpaper are less reliable, and it is undesirable to wash them), plastic windows, good office furniture, and many plants. Well, if the wall hangs a certificate or diploma.

The tools you need:

  • computer;
  • Fax;
  • Phone;
  • Scanner;
  • Printer;
  • Xerox;
  • Shelves and cabinets;
  • Safe;
  • Table;
  • Armchair.

Office equipment is relatively inexpensive for the company owner, but you should not save on equipment and repairs. Remember, your first impression will make an official appearance.

Law firm employees

A well-developed law firm will never know the shortage of people who want to do the job, a beginner is unlikely to attract the attention of experienced lawyers. Whether it is young people who have recently graduated from the institute. How will a lawyer earn if he does not have a name or work experience? If your company assumes the role of a springboard for beginner experts, it will signal service not only to them but also to the state.

You can find young workers on the Internet, on special sites, in newspapers, and by posting advertisements with direct consent with universities. Provide the best students with the opportunity to do internships, write graduate research, and hire them after graduation. To test their readiness, take an “entrance exam”. It is also important to offer “working in pairs” under the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

Overall, the composition of the team will be as follows:

  • Many experienced professionals;
  • Young lawyer;
  • Accountant;
  • Secretary (one or more);
  • Cleaner;
  • Protector.

The salary of a security guard and a sweeper is about $150, secretaries receive about 250, and attorneys can take a percentage of the transaction as payment.

Advertising Campaign

Those wishing to start a legal business should focus on advertising. Every company wants to attract customers, and advertising is the most effective way to do this.

First, make yourself a website. Design the site beautifully and ensure it provides maximum value and information. Assign this business to the programmer. Run advertisements on radio, television, internet, print advertisements and paste them on the subway, on poles, and on the board, make yourself a business card. Offering its services to large companies.

Legal library

The legal library is not a decoration or a formal matter, but rather it is very important especially at the beginning of your legal work, where you keep the papers and documents that help you to practice the profession, try not to cost it a lot of expenses and limit it to what is necessary, and in this context, it can benefit from the available information sources 

How much does a lawyer earn?

A concern for every expert. What if the company opens, but the already established law does not bring as good profit as the work in the corporation? The salary of individual workers in this industry can reach up to $3,000 per month. But, of course, it all depends on work experience, direction, as well as competition in the field.

Lawyers are one of the most competitive occupations. To be successful, you must be a very good expert, or able to breakthrough. The company requires the registration of an LLC, and this is paperwork, which leaves a lot to be desired.

Various fields have their own characteristics related to the field of jurisprudence. Before opening a legal company, be sure to check them out. for understanding.

What successful law firms do

Successful law firms connect with their target audience and connect with them where it counts.

Here’s what they do differently:

  • Understand the mindset of the public.
  • Use social promotion.
  • Take advantage of as many advertising channels as possible.
  • Match the message to the problem.
  • Find professional help.

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