Billed as the Best Invoicing Alternative to Harvest for Small businesses

Looking for Harvest Alternative? Billed is Here! Both Billed and Harvest have their own set of unique combinations of Features. So which Invoicing App is best for you?   Here’s what you need to know

Feature comparison

Billed as popular Online Invoicing software that helps you manage your business finances in an easy way. You can easily create invoices & estimates, manage clients, customize templates, and much more.  

Features Billed Harvest
Estimates Yes No
Invoices Yes Yes
Client Management Yes No
Purchase orders No No
Time Tacking Yes Yes
Expenses Yes Yes
Project Management Yes Yes
Team management Yes No
Taxes Yes Yes
Items & Services Yes Yes
Discounts Yes Yes
Invoice Templates Yes No
Estimats Templates Yes No
Email Templates Yes No
Branding Yes No
Online Payments Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes
Live Customer Support No Yes
Reminders Yes Yes
customizability Yes Limited
Activity Dashboard Yes No
Free Trial Yes Yes
Profit & Loss statement No No
Affodable Pricing Yes Yes
UX Friendly Navigation Yes Yes
Android App Yes No
IOS App Yes No
Import/Export Funtioanlity Yes Yes
Globalization Yes Limited
Phone Support No Yes
Knwoledge Base Yes Yes
Alerts/Notifications Yes Yes
API Coming Soon Yes
Desktop App Coming Soon Yes
Mac App Coming Soon No

It has every feature you need for every stage of your growth.

All plans include Essential Features like Branding, Support, Templates, and Team Management.

Brand your Business

Look professional with your on brand on invoices and receivables.

Excellent Support

Email and phone access, no matter your plan.

Custom Templates

Custom templates are available for invoices, estimates and emails

Make your team

Add team members and provide them with access

Enjoy the Best Mobile Invoice App

Manage your Businesses with Billed Mobile Apps for IOS and Android. Keep it Up anywhere anytime!!!