Business Estimate Template

Business Estimate Template

If you’re looking for an easy way to create professional business estimates, Billed is here to help. Our free business estimate template lets you quickly and easily create detailed estimates that look great and get results.

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Preparing accurate and professional-looking estimates is one of the business’s most important problems. With a good estimate, planning, and budgeting for projects accurately is possible. 

Luckily Billed’s free business estimate templates makes this process easy and quick by giving you all the items you need to create effective estimates that look great and get results quickly.

The template includes everything you need to create professional-looking business estimates. You can download the template in your Google SheetsGoogle Docs, PDF, Excel, and Word.

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Download Free Business Estimate Templates

Free Business Estimate Template

This beautiful and customizable template helps you create a professional business estimate quickly and easily. It’s free to download and use to get started immediately.

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Small Business Estimate Template

Business Estimate Template

Its built-in formula will help you calculate the cost of each item and the total project cost in a matter of seconds. This template is perfect for small businesses looking to create quick, accurate customer estimates.

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Business Estimate Template

Estimate With Billed

Download the free professionally designed, fully customizable estimate template from Billed.

Business Estimate Template

Business Analyst Estimate Template

Business Estimate Template

This template helps you create professional-looking project estimates quickly and easily. It includes fields for estimating the costs of labor, materials, and other resources required to complete a project.

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Business Cost Estimate Template

Business Estimate Template

This customizable and professional-looking estimate template dramatically improves the accuracy of estimates and will help you accurately calculate the cost of materials, labor, and other resources for each project.

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Business Estimate Template

Company Blank Estimate Template

Business Estimate Template

Each company has its specificity and therefore needs an appropriate estimate template. This template offers a blank form to enter the company’s details, customer information, notes, and other items required for the job.

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Business Population Estimate Template

Business Estimate Template

Creating a detailed estimate dramatically improves the accuracy of the project and its cost. This template helps you accurately calculate the cost of labor, materials, and other resources for any size project.

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What is a Business Estimate Template?

A Business Estimate Template is a pre-designed document that helps businesses to create accurate and professional-looking estimates for their customers. The template typically includes the following:

  • Fields for the business name and contact information.
  • The customer’s name and contact information.
  • A description of the products or services being provided.
  • The cost of each item or service.
  • The total cost of the estimate. Any applicable taxes or fees.

You can customize the estimate template to fit your business’s specific needs, and it can be used to quickly and easily create consistent and easy-to-read estimates. Using a Business Estimate Template can help businesses save time and improve their professional image when providing customer estimates.

Difference between estimate, invoice, and delivery note

Estimates, invoices, and delivery notes have different characteristics in commercial transactions.

The estimate is prepared before the contract transaction. It is not a document that must be prepared under the Civil Code, the Companies Act, and the Tax Law but is created and issued based on business customs.

The invoice is created after the contract transaction and is mainly used for payment collection. Whether the invoice itself is legally valid depends on the circumstances, but tax law requires that it be retained for a certain period. Depending on the level of the company or business, there is a storage obligation of up to 9 years.

The delivery note is a document that accompanies the contract transaction and is the legal basis for the delivery date. The obligation to pay the ordering party’s price will occur after the delivery date and the order receiving party will have the right to receive the payment after the delivery date.

Write an estimate that your customer will accept.

Everyone has already received an offer or a cost estimate that they were annoyed about. What are common causes for this? The contractor did not fully understand the customer and is offering something that the customer does not want. That is why it is important for you as an entrepreneur to communicate well with your customers. It usually helps to pick up the phone for a moment. 

You also have to be honest with yourself and your customer: only offer something that you can really do at this price. And of course, consider in advance whether you want to include room for discounts in your first offer. 

Fairness and quality are important for a good relationship with the customer and thus a good basis for long-term success! Make your work easier with software like Billed for creating professional offers and cost estimates for more customer satisfaction!

Why Use Our Estimate Templates?

Every client and project has different requirements and budget-levels. To meet all the levels of budgets and requirements, you need to create a quote that fits all your and your client’s needs.
That’s why you need to use accounting software that fulfills all your business needs. Luckily, Billed is a powerful tool that can centrally manage and streamline the business, and SMEs, like sales management, payment management, grasping sales forecasts, cash flow forecasts, as well as creating quotations and invoices.

  • Create quotes in bulk
  • Automatic calculation
  • Alert function to prevent billing omission
  • Reduce the psychological stress of paperwork

Role of Estimate

Estimates or quotations should be issued for exchanging work. Let’s confirm the two roles of the quotation.


・ Avoid unnecessary troubles

An estimate or quotation is a document that proposes to the client of the job what to deliver and the amount. Therefore, if you proceed with the work without issuing a quotation, various troubles may occur later if there is a discrepancy between the client and the client in terms of work content, amount of money, delivery date, etc.


・ It will be a material for comparison and examination for the client

The quotation is not necessarily issued after the job request is confirmed.

In some cases, the client requests the issuance of a quotation as material for comparing and considering the prices and delivery dates of products and services of other companies. At that time, the quotation will also be material to appeal to the client your sincerity and subsequent response to the requested content.

The sooner you submit a quote, the more you can give the impression that your work will be more reliable and quicker. However, if you place much emphasis on speed and the quotation contains content that does not meet the request of the client, or if there is an error, it will cause the evaluation to decline. Please be careful about that point.

What is the expiration date of the estimate?

There is no fixed one. It depends on the product and service. If the price of the material fluctuates, shorten the expiration date. As much as possible, it is better to add the expiration date.

Estimate making rules

When making an estimate, first calculate a rough amount and present it to the other party.

After that, you will create proposals and specifications to ensure that both parties do not misunderstand and then further squeeze the estimate’s contents.

When presenting the estimate, you must accurately describe the items, quantity, unit price, etc.

Tips While making an Estimate

Here are some tips to keep in mind when making a Business Estimate:

  1. Easy to understand: Make sure the estimate is clear and easy to understand for the customer. Avoid using technical language that may confuse the customer.
  2. The basis for estimated delivery date and price: Your estimate should include a clear basis for arriving at the estimated delivery date and price. By providing a clear basis for how you arrived at the estimated delivery date and price, you can help build trust with the customer and ensure that they understand the estimate’s calculation process better.
  3. Provide an estimate promptly: When a customer requests an estimate, it’s essential to provide it as soon as possible. This shows that you value their time and are committed to meeting their needs on time.

With these tips, you can create a professional and accurate estimate that helps to build trust with your customers and sets clear expectations for the project.

How to Make a Business Estimate?

The estimate does not have a specific format. The purpose of the estimate is to consider the transaction conditions and decide whether to accept the order, items, unit prices, quantities, units, and subtotals. Minimum items such as are required.

Download the Free Business Estimate Template from Billed: This template provides a structured format to organize your estimate effectively.

Start with a Catchy Title: Begin your estimate by entering a title such as “Estimate,” which instantly grabs the reader’s attention.

Add the Date of Issue: Mention when the estimate is created. This serves as a means of tracking and referencing.

Describe the Products or Services: List the items or services you estimate. Be specific about the quantity, ensuring you provide enough details for the reader to understand.

Specify Unit Prices and Subtotals: Assign a unit price to each item or service and calculate the subtotals. This gives a clear breakdown of costs for each component.

Set the Delivery Date: Indicate the expected delivery date for the products or services included in the estimate. This helps in managing timelines and expectations.

Mention the Estimate Expiration Date: Establish a deadline by which the estimate is valid. This ensures that the customer understands the timeframe within which they need to make a decision.

Include Your Company Details: Provide your company name, address, and contact information to establish credibility and make it easy for the customer to contact you.

Consider Adding Your Company Seal: Consider including your company seal or logo on the estimate to add a professional touch. This further reinforces your brand identity.

Remember, the purpose of the estimate is to evaluate the transaction conditions and determine whether to accept the order. While the format may vary, these key elements are essential to include in your estimate. By following these steps and using the Billed template, you can create a visually appealing and informative business estimate that leaves a lasting impression on your potential customers.


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No matter what type of business estimate you need to create, Billed’s free business estimate template has you covered. Download our free templates today and start creating amazing-looking estimates that get results.

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