Secure International Payment Methods for Overseas Clients

International Payment Methods

International payments are payments for transactions made by the parties (buyer and seller) involved in international trade based on prenegotiated agreements.

How to Accept International Payments? Secure Payment Methods for Overseas Clients

As a businessman, of course, you are familiar with the name means of payment.

In conducting sales transactions, we definitely need a payment instrument that can be cash and non-cash.

For those of you who have suppliers inside the country and abroad or want to expand your business globally, you need international payment instruments that can be used between countries.

Now, there are several ways and means of international payment in world trade that can be used in world trade transactions.


The easiest thing you can do is use a cash-based international payment instrument. You can use it while abroad or transfer it manually at a bank by handing over cash.

Meanwhile, the payment can use the target country’s currency or according to the agreement with the consumer. Visit a conventional bank, then ask what the conditions are if you want to send money in foreign currency.

Money orders

From the beginning, you have to have known the name money order or bill of exchange. Yes, by using a money order, you can make domestic or cross-border payment transactions.

If you want to use a money order as an international payment option, you must send a money transfer form to the money order service provider. You can find it at conventional banks. After that, enter the bank account number or name of the intended recipient of the money.

If using a money order, the money recipient or money sender does not need to use a bank account because confirmation of receipt will use a PIN.


You can use checks as a means of further international payment. The payment process will be carried out by the importer sending a check to the exporter through a designated bank in the exporting country.

The target bank will be a bank that does have branches in the importing country. It must be noted that the transfer of funds will be disbursed if the check has been validated by the authorized signature or seal of the authorizer.

Telegraphic Transfer

This international payment instrument is almost similar to a check. The difference is, the check can be cashed if it is shown by the recipient of the funds.

Meanwhile, the telegraphic transfer is an order for the initial fund owner to transfer funds to another account through an automated banking system. So, the recipients do not need to have the sheet. Make sure you choose a trusted bank because transactions using this are arguably high risk.

Letter of Credit

Even though it has similarities with a money order, what distinguishes this international payment instrument is, if a money order must be made in full, the Letter of Credit can use credit or installments.

Later, if there are payments that are stuck, the bank will pay off to the seller. After that, the funds that the bank has covered will become a debt from the buyer.

This payment method can be easily used for transactions if one party does not yet trust the other. This method is considered more secure, especially for those who have sent goods abroad but are worried that the goods will not be paid for.

The most important conditions that should be included in a letter of credit are as follows.

  • The title and address of the company (buyer company) that issued the letter of credit,
  • The title and address of the seller company,
  • The type, quantity, unit price, amount, if any, of the good,
  • Delivery type,
  • The required documents and how many copies are,
  • Insurance terms,
  • Loading location and loading term,
  • Whether partial loading and transfer is permitted,
  • Destination,
  • Letter of credit (Documents submission term),
  • Whether a correspondent bank confirmation is requested,
  • Other documents that the buyer may request,
  • Special conditions, if any.

Foreign Exchange Transactions

For those who don’t know, foreign exchange is an international payment tool that uses currency exchange rates.

Well, but to make it easier, we will usually use the unit in USD dollars.

This method is relatively easy because it will be calculated in the same currency, so there is no need to calculate the difference.

Credit Card Payment

The simplest international payment instrument and can be used on a small scale.

Many credit cards are chosen as a means of payment, mainly if you use e-commerce.

Escrow Account

The Escrow Account is an account that is opened for two parties.

So, access and use are used simultaneously.

So, to use this method of payment requires a high level of trust between the two parties.

The transaction will run as follows:

  • The buyer deposits the money into the escrow account
  • Then, the seller can take the money into the same account.

Personal Transactions

The purpose of international payment instruments using personal transactions is that payments are made across one country.

For example, David from England bought goods from Suzuki in Japan for US $1000.

Then, Honda in Japan bought goods from George in England with the same value.

So, the four parties can use personal transactions, provided they know and trust each other.

The steps will be like this.

Honda will give George US $1000, then David will give Suzuki the same amount.


Another international payment tool is to use PayPal. PayPal itself is a virtual account that provides online transfer or payment services. You can make transactions between countries anywhere by using the online payment method.

So until now, PayPal has become the most popular and most widely used virtual international payment instrument.

The security of using PayPal is also quite good, and the network is extensive.

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