Blank Invoice Template

invoice template

Don’t send complicated and unpaid invoices. With the free blank invoice template from Billed, you can quickly outline all the details of your services or products and get compensated timely and effortlessly.

Get Your Free Blank Invoice Template

Creating invoices for your small business has become easier with Billed.
Then why spend more time on designing complicated and expensive invoice templates? With the blank invoice template from Billed, you can start sending professional and stylish invoices for free in a few minutes.
Our stylish and professional invoice templates are available in various formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, Excel.

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Get paid faster with Billed. Start sending Invoices now.

Download a Blank Invoice Template

Blank Work Order

invoice template

Download, customize, and send this template to bill your clients for the services or products you provided. You can easily add lines to it to capture all the details of your services or products.

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Blank Bill Template

invoice template

Bill, your clients with this stylish blank bill template. You can easily cover all the details of your service charges with this invoice template. Free download now, send it and get paid promptly in the right way.

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Invoice With Billed

Get paid faster with Billed. Start sending Invoices now.

invoice template

Invoice With Billed

Get started for free and start getting paid faster.

invoice template

Sample Blank Invoice Template

This invoice template is so customizable that you can easily modify it to fit all your services or products. Use your time delivering specialized services or products rather with this free invoice template.

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Free Blank Invoice Template

Don’t waste your valuable time and money designing a new invoice. Rely on this flexible invoice template to make sure you get compensated immediately in the right way.

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How to Fill Out the Invoice Form Blank Template?

Now you don’t need to spend your valuable time and energy on accounting. With the blank invoice template from Billed, you can send well-organized and professional invoices in a few minutes.  

Get free the blank invoice template doc from Billed, fill it out according to your business needs. 

Follow the given instructions below and customize your blank invoice template.

  1. Free download the “Blank Invoice Template” from Billed in your desired format like Microsoft Word doc, Excel file, or PDF
  2. Open the blank invoice template on your computer. 
  3. Enter your business branding. Add your business name, contact details, logo, and other features. 
  4. Save the blank invoice template.
  5. To make a new client invoice, make a copy of the current document.
  6. Customize the invoice for your client. Make sure to include your client’s business information, the services provided, pricing, payment details, and terms and conditions.
  7. Name the invoice. Example: “(client business name) Invoice | (date)”
  8. Save

Customizing your blank invoice templates and reflect your professionalism. Add all the essential details such as your contact details, services rendered, price, and payment terms to ensure you get paid immediately in the right way. 

How to Send the Blank Invoice to Clients?

Are you ready to start sending professional-looking invoices to your clients?

Once you have tailored your blank invoice template, you can send invoices to your clients via Billed, by mail, or by email.

  1. Find the invoice you want to send
  2. Confirm that all information is accurate. Review for services rendered, prices, total, charges details, due date, and terms.
  3. Give the name of your invoice. For instance, “(customer name) Invoice – (invoice #)”
  4. To email, the final invoice, make an email using your email account. Add your client’s name and address, write a custom message, and attach the invoice to the email as an MS-Word or PDF, etc.
  5. “Send”
  6. To mail the invoice, print out the completed invoice doc and mail it to the provided address.

This stylish blank invoice template makes it easy to send invoices directly to your clients. Download the free templates from Billed and get started today. 

Blank Invoicing for Small Businesses

While running a small business, you have to manage a lot of things. But accounting is the main concern of any businessman, and it can not be managed without having powerful invoicing software.
Download the free blank invoice template from Billed, and start creating professional and custom invoices for your business in a few minutes.

Whether you are running a business on a small scale or big scale Billed facilitates all the business owners globally to start sending detailed and well-organized invoices for free.

How to create an invoice from a Blank Invoice Template?

A blank invoice template enables you to create a stylish and desired invoice in a minute.

Simply download the blank invoice format from Billed, fill it out, save and send.

Follow the given instructions to get a blank invoice template in a minute.

  1. Download the “Blank Invoice Template” from Billed in various formats like PDF, Word, or Excel format for free.
  2. Open the blank invoice doc in your favorite format
  3. Add your business information like your company name, address, contact information, and logo
  4. Customize the invoice. Add in your client’s details, the services provided, costs, payment methods, due date, and terms and conditions
  5. Name the invoice. Example: “(client name) Invoice – (date)”
  6. Save

With a free blank invoice template, you can easily add your business information, along with the payment terms and conditions.

Creating an invoice is very simple with Billed. Free download the blank invoice templates in your favorite formats like Word doc, Excel file, or PDF, fill out the custom fields, save and send.

Using professional invoices helps you manage your small business finances effortlessly and very handy when filing the tax. This simpler invoicing solution also helps you save time and money.

Download the Free Blank Invoice Template

Speed up your invoicing process with our free downloadable invoice templates. Download, customize, send, and get paid for your specialized services or items immediately in the right way.

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Create Professional Looking Invoices on the Go

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