Deposit Invoice Template

Deposit Invoice Template

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Download the free deposit invoice template from Billed and seal the deal by requesting a deposit in no time effortlessly.

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You need to request a deposit to engage your client in monetary obligations to release your remaining payments after completing the work.
With the free invoice templates from Billed, it’s easy to create invoices that empower you to get paid promptly and ideally. Download our free deposit invoice template in various friendly formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, Excel, and get started. For more templates visit our professional templates gallery.

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Download the Deposit Invoice Template

Deposit Invoice Sample

Deposit Invoice Template

This multifunctional invoice template allows professionals like you to create detailed and well-designed invoices with just a few clicks. Feel free to download it.

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Deposit Invoice Example

Deposit Invoice Template

With this editable and free downloadable invoice template, creating detailed and beautiful invoices is a matter of a few seconds. Download, customize, and send.

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Deposit Invoice Template

What Is a Deposit Invoice Used For?

For smooth cash flow, you need to collect payments timely and entirely. So it is important to send out an invoice for the deposit payment. 

After providing tedious services or products, you deserve to get paid before long.

Make your professional billing process faster with the Billed deposit invoice. With our stylish and professional-looking invoice template, you can easily fill out all the details of your services and the cost, and you can even let the client know how and when you expect to collect your payments.

With our invoice templates, you can easily track all transactions, systemize information at your fingertips, and keep up-to-date payments.

Here are some advantages of using the free deposit invoice template:

  • Stay on top of unpaid payments
  • Get paid immediately
  • Organize client account information
  • Free to bill clients 
  • Have PDF and printable format
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax

Types of Deposit Invoices

You provide your services and products according to the specific needs and budget levels of your clients. So you need to bill your clients with an invoice that fulfills all your and client’s requirements. The Billed empowers you to charge your clients with the type that suits you the best. Here are a few of them. 

  • Security deposits
  • Rent deposits
  • Past due invoices
  • Net 30 Invoices
  • Direct deposits
  • Help avoid late fees and overdue invoices

How to crate a Deposit Invoice?

Creating a professional and customizable deposit invoice with Billed is a matter of a few minutes. 

Follow the given instructions and get your deposit invoice. 

  • Download the Deposit Invoice from Billed for free
  • Add your business logo in different fonts and colors
  • Add your or your business name and contact details
  • Outline what the down payment is for and the price
  • Add your client’s name, and contact details
  • Add the total of all fees 
  • Specify accepted payment procedure, such as cheque, online transfer, or otherwise
  • Add the privacy policy, 
  • Add refund policy or any other policies in the “Notes” field
  • Save

With our stylish and customizable deposit invoice template, you can quickly fill in your services’ details. Send and get the reward for your services immediately in the right way. 

Download a Deposit Invoice Template for Free

Secure your charges with Billed. It does not matter whether you need a direct deposit invoice template or another type of deposit; our stylish and professional invoice template makes it easy.

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