Hourly Invoice Template

invoice template

Every service and hour counts. Download the free hourly invoice template from Invoice Quickly and get paid for your specialized services easier and faster.

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If you want to charge your clients at an hourly rate. Then you need a professional and detailed invoice that fits your style. Download the free hourly invoice template from Invoice Quickly, create branded invoices for your business in seconds, and get paid promptly and properly.
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With our free downloadable templates, you can quickly create detailed invoices in Google Docs, Google Sheets, PDF, Word, and Excel.

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Download an Hourly Invoice Template

Free Hourly Invoice Template

invoice template

You can easily bill your clients for hourly services with this multifunctional and simple invoice template. Feel free to download it.

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invoice template

Hourly Invoices for Small Businesses

After providing specialized services on an hourly basis, you expect to get paid according to time spent at the workplace.

Fortunately, Invoice Quickly presents a free hourly invoice template that helps make your billing process quick and simple.

Do you want to know why business owners from all over the world love to use invoice templates for their hourly billing needs?

  •  Keep track of the hours you have spent at the workplace
  • Effortlessly record key transaction information
  • Organize client accounts
  • Avoid late or missed payments 
  • Keep an eye on payment due dates
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax
  • Make a note of overdue debts and debtors
  • Add the details of services and hourly rates
  • Make bookkeeping fast and accurate

A quality invoice clearly showcases the services, tax rates, hourly rate, the final price, deadlines, due dates, payment procedure, etc. Adding all of these details ensures that your clients will come to know all that they need to avoid missing payments.

With our free and professional invoice templates, you can easily create your own customizable and stylish hourly work invoice templates that are detailed and well-designed.

Download for free and create branded invoices with Invoice Quickly today and quickly collect your hourly charges. 

How to Use an Hourly Invoice?

First, free download the hourly invoice template from Invoice Quickly and create a simple time-based customizable invoice.Do not forget to add a unique invoice number to track the invoice and payment easily. You have to include the list of services you have provided, your hourly charges, amount of time spent at the workplace, client name and address, business contact information, the terms of the invoice, invoice issuance date, and payment due date.

Here’s how to use a time-based invoice:

  • Download the free hourly invoice template from Invoice Quickly.
  • Add your business name and contact details.
  • Add your business logo in different fonts and colors.
  • Add the client’s name and contact information.
  • Insert the unique invoice number. 
  • Add invoice issuance date.
  • Add payment due date.
  • Add the list of services or products you provided with descriptions and hourly rates for each.
  • Include time charged for each service.
  • Calculate the total. 
  • Add the payment terms and conditions or any additional information, if any.
  • Send invoice to a client via Invoice Quickly, by email, or direct mail.

Invoice Quickly wants to facilitate every individual who wants to run its business smoothly. With our stylish and customizable hourly invoice template, you can easily add all the details of your services that help your clients know exactly what has been charged to their accounts and avoid confusion. 

How to Fill Out the Hourly Invoice Template?

You, as a small business owner, need to choose the perfect invoice template for your business. If your company charges your clients hourly rates, you must consider using our hourly service invoice template.

With the help of our significant stylish and customizable hourly invoice template, you can easily create the perfect invoice. There are some major features that you should have on your hourly invoice to make sure that your client pays all dues quickly and properly.

Your business information: Be sure to add your business name, brand, logo, and contact details 

Invoice number: Adding a unique invoice number helps you that the income is correctly documented for filing the tax and accounting process. You can also track payments efficiently.

Client information: Add your client’s name and contact details

Due date and payment terms: Add your terms and conditions of payment, as well as the due date and how the client wants to submit the payment

Services provided: Add all the precise details of your services to avoid confusion.

Hourly rate: Mention your hourly charges for each service

Quantity purchased (in hours): Add how many hours you spent performing each listed service.

Total cost: Let your clients know precisely how much they owe to your business

Download a standard hourly invoice template from Invoice Quickly and start creating professional and detailed invoices today.

Download an Hourly Invoice Template for Free

Creating the perfect and accurate invoice with Invoice Quickly is so simple that you can easily create a professional and detailed invoice in a minute.
Download our hourly invoice template for free and get started today. It will help make your billing process fast, accurate, and easy.

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