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Billed is the easiest and quickest way to issue invoices to your clients. Download the free, customizable, stylish, and high-quality invoice template now and start creating branded and detailed invoices for your customers in just a few seconds.

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There are things in the life of a self-employed person that can undoubtedly be called annoying. One of them is creating invoices. If you have a lot of orders and little time to manage your finance, then you are exactly right with us. Download free invoice templates from Billed, with the help of our stylish and flexible invoice templates you can quickly create a proper invoice that meets all your business needs.
Our templates are available in various formats like Google Sheets, Word, Excel, Google docs, and PDF.

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Download this word template from Billed, to make your work easier. Just fill out the required fields and issue a stylish and professional invoice in seconds. Feel free to download this editable invoice tempalte.

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With this stylish invoice template, you can easily create unlimited branded and detailed invoices. This template contains all the necessary fields. Here you enter the value, the net amount and sales tax are calculated automatically.

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Invoice With Billed

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Google Docs


Looking for Google Docs invoice template? Download free this easy to use and a professional invoice template, ready to use. All you need to do is fill out it and send it to your customer.

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Google Sheets


To make your billing fast and easy by downloading this google sheets templates from Billed. Download, customize, send, and get paid immediately. 

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Invoice With Billed

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Create professional detailed invoices in seconds with this PDF invoice template. Download, customize, and send invoices via Billed, mail, or email them directly. Get paid quickly in the right way. Enjoy a 30-days free trial.

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Which Format Should I Use?

With an increasing number of invoice templates, choosing the perfect invoice template that suits you can become a real challenge. In order to pick the right option, you need to think about your real needs and understand your billing process.

Benefits of Using Templates

There are many reasons to have your invoice templates. The most important thing is probably that you can completely devote yourself to your day-to-day business with professional, customized invoice templates and do what you do best – and even more effectively than before.
By having professional electronic invoices you can enjoy many advantages. Some of them are as follows.

  • Invoice templates are free to use
  • Leave a professional impression on your clients
  • Download the free invoice template in various formats like PDF, .DOC, .XLS. CSV and more
  • Customize invoice template fields to add your business name, and contact details
  • Organize client account details
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax

Try Billed to avoid invoicing mistakes. Sign up for the one-month free trial today and enjoy your business dealing quickly and effortlessly.

Templates by Industry

  • Graphic Design Template
  • Contractor Template
  • Photography Template
  • Web Design Template
  • Video Production Template
  • Hotel Template
  • Attorney Template
  • Auto Repair Template
  • Painting Template
  • Construction Template

If your profession is not on the list. Just get started with our free sample invoice templates for all types of business.
Download the required type of invoice that’s best suits your business, customize, issue, and get paid quickly and accurately.

Even More Free

  • Self Employed invoice template
  • Freelance invoice template
  • Hourly invoice template
  • Business invoice template
  • Services Rendered invoice template
  • Blank invoice template
  • Printable invoice template

Is Each Template Free?

Certainly, all our invoice templates are 100% free. Download, fill out the blank fields and get paid before your expectations.
Take the advantage of a free 30 days trial and start creating professional invoices, set recurring invoices, issue an automated reminder, overdue payments, and many more. Now it’s time to save your time and money.

A Better Alternative

As a small business person, you can find invoicing a tool that helps you improve your processes by giving a better and faster response to your customers.
Create professional and detailed invoices quickly and easily for your business from Billed.
Download now saves your time and energy.

Set It and Forget It with Recurring Invoices
It’s time to bill your clients with professional and functional invoices instead of formatting invoices manually or complicated spreadsheets. Put your invoicing on autopilot and run your business more smoothly and effortlessly.

Accept Payments Online and Get Paid Faster
In times of tight competition in the market, a delay in payments can cause a real panic. Control your customers’ payments by sending online invoices and get paid quickly and effortlessly.

Safely Store Information on the Cloud

When it comes to keeping your official information safe and secure, it is essential to emphasize the importance of back-ups. With them, electronic copies of all your data are created, granting access, even if the original file is lost or corrupted

Free Invoice Template vs. Billed

Still, need somewhat more convincing? The advantages of sending bills on the cloud are infinite. Look at this correlation.

  • Printer-friendly
  • Free to bill your clients
  • Collect quickly, safely and securely online credit card payment on your invoice
  • Add payment terms, automate due payment reminder & charges
  • Keep track of who’s made the payment and who has not paid yet
  • Easily and quickly set up deposits for services
  • Automate invoices for recurring services and subscription-based services
  • Create and issue custom invoice in seconds
  • Create and issue issue invoices from your cell, whenever and wherever business takes you

Easy To Customize

Take your business to the next level by customizing invoices for your customers. By taking care of the details, you can create an invoice that allows you to get paid quickly and accurately.

  • Fill in Company and Contact Details:

Adding your business name, your brand, address, and contact details are basic among the necessary aspects of an invoice. You as a freelancer can use a personal name, otherwise, enter the company name.

  • Customer details

Add the name of the customer and contact details who will receive the invoice

  • Include Descriptions and Rates of Services

This description must be executed precisely.
Add the list of the products or services you provided, the prices, and quantities of each product supplied.

  • Add Date

It is essential that you add the date on which an invoice is issued because it is a clear incentive for the amount to be paid by the customer on time.

  • Invoice due date

This date specifies the duration between the issuance and the due date of the invoice.

  • Add Sales Tax

It is important to specify on the invoice the tax data. If you are self-employed and provide a professional service to a company, do not forget to add a personal income tax on the invoice.

  • Note Terms

Notify when the invoice is due and be clear if there are late fees or discounts


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Create Professional Looking Invoices on the Go

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