Gym Invoice Template

Gym Invoice Template

Download the free gym invoice template from Billed, create professional invoices in seconds, and get paid quickly.

Get Your Free Gym Invoice Template

As the gym owner, you deliver safe, useful, and exciting exercises or practices to all your clients with particular types of equipment.
Get beautiful and free invoice templates from Billed; you can easily add all the details of your specialized services to it. This stylish and professional-looking invoice template helps your clients know how and when you want to get compensated for your services or products.
You can download the free gym invoice templates in your favorite formats like Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Visit our gallery.

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Download the Gym Invoice Template

Free Gym Invoice Template

Gym Invoice Template

No matter whether you want to charge your clients on an hourly or monthly basis. Use this invoice template to bill your clients and get paid quickly.

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Gym Invoice for Personal or Fitness Trainer


You never want to chase your clients for payments. With this beautiful and customizable invoice template, you can easily create dozens of invoices with just a few clicks.

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Gym Invoice Template

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Gym Invoice Template

Simple Gym Invoice Sample

Gym Invoice Template

You can easily create detailed and well-designed invoices every time by using this template. Download now, and manage your financial transaction smoothly and effortlessly.

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What Is a Gym Invoice Used For?

You can not afford to avoid any business transaction. That is why a gym invoice is used to collect your specialized services charges from your clients.

The followings can use the gym invoices:

  • Yoga instructors.
  • Personal trainers.
  • Fitness instructors.
  • Strength coaches.
  • Holistic personal trainers.
  • Pilates trainers.
  • Athletic trainers.
  • Dancing instructors.

 Gym trainer charges clients by using one of the following means:

  • Per session billing.
  • Package-based billing.
  • Month-to-month billing.

 Many gym trainers want to get paid, either before or after a session. But it is not possible without perfect invoicing software. Create professional and detailed invoices from Billed and make it easier to have accurate and complete records, which helps fitness businesses a lot when filing the tax paper.

You can invoice per session; it’s better to bill in advance for monthly payments or a package fee. You can easily bill for a set number of sessions or unlimited sessions.

Invoicing Tips for Gym Trainers

As a gym trainer, you deserve to get compensated in the right way quickly. Therefore you need to add the following tips to your invoice so that you can get the reward for all your services whenever you want.

  •  Include all the important details: It would be best to create the invoice to contain all the details of the services and convey all your desirable billing intentions perfectly.
  •  Accept a variety of payment methods: Do not adopt only one way of accepting the payments. Let the client decides how he wants to pay you, but you must add the electronic options like e-transfer or online bank transactions in your invoice. 
  • Keep a record with numbered invoices: Giving a number to every invoice is very handy to keep track of all your transactions. It is very beneficial when filing the tax and analyzing the annual budget of your business.
  •  Always include a ‘payment due’ date:  Never forget to add your invoice’s payment due date. It helps you to get paid for your services provided before the specific time or date.

Why should the gym trainer send professional invoices?

As a professional gym trainer, you know how to help people enjoy a healthy lifestyle using your equipment.
To cover your payments’ full range, you need to send the perfect, detailed, and crystal-clear invoice to your clients.
If you want to send professional and customizable invoices to your clients, get started billing with Billed, and help your clients release your payments timely and entirely without any confusion.

Invoice Types for Gym Trainers

Every client has specific needs and very different budget levels. So you need to bill your clients with an invoice that fulfills all your and client’s requirements. The Billed empowers you to charge your clients with the type that suits you the best. Here are a few of them. 

  • Standard Invoice: it allows you to bill for different kinds of services and packages.
  • Automatic Invoice: It’s the best option if you want to charge your clients the same amount monthly.
  • Prepaying Invoice: You can use this invoice to charge your clients in advance for a biweekly or monthly fee.

How to Create a Gym Invoice?

Create a gym invoice by following these steps:

  • Download your free gym invoice template from Billed.
  • Add your name, contact details.
  • Add your logo at the top in different fonts and colors.
  • Add your client’s name and contact information. 
  • Add the invoice number.
  • Add invoice issuance date. 
  • Add payment due date. 
  • Add the list of the services and add a description along with the cost for each.
  • Include sales tax, if required.
  • Calculate the total.
  • Add payment terms and conditions.
  • Add privacy policy. 
  • Save. 
  • Send.

Download a Gym Invoice Template for Free

Get the free gym invoice template from Billed, create professional and detailed invoices for your fitness business in a minute, send and get paid quickly and ideally.

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