Basic Receipt Template

Basic Receipt Template

The free basic receipt template from Billed helps you create branded and detailed receipts for your clients without needing to start your receipts process from scratch.

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Are you looking for a high-quality receipt template to help you create your own receipts quickly and accurately?

With the help of Billed’s basic receipt templates, you can easily create professional and issue detailed and accurate receipts to your clients quickly and ideally.

Download our beautiful and easily-editable receipt templates and start creating stylish and branded receipts for your business with just a few clicks.

You can use our receipt templates in your favorite format, like Word, Excel, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and PDF.

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Basic Service


With this fully customizable receipt template, you can easily create and print your receipts with just a few clicks while reflecting your company’s branding. Feel free to download it.

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Basic Cash

Basic Receipt Template

If you are only looking for a complete and professional receipt template for your business. Then download this free and stylish receipt template right now; it has editable fields for taxes, unit price, discount, subtotals, etc.

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Receipt With Billed

With Billed’s editable receipt template you can quickly create and issue receipts. Get started for free.

Basic Receipt Template

Receipt With Billed

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Basic Receipt Template

Basic Payment

Basic Receipt Template

This stylish and customizable receipt template is fully designed with great features. It has enough space to produce a high-quality receipt to communicate with your customers so that they have full details and analysis.

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Basic Hourly Service

Basic Receipt Template

With this beautiful and fully-editable template, you can quickly generate professional-looking receipts in seconds. Fill out its fields with mandatory details with name, contact address, date, etc.

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Receipt With Billed

With Billed you can easily issue receipts for free. Download now.

Basic Receipt Template

Basic Blank

Basic Receipt Template

This free template is convenient for small businesses. It is a compact receipt template that fits perfectly to fill all your business needs. Download now and run your business more smoothly and effectively.

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Basic Sales

Basic Receipt Template

While responding to multiple customers at the same time, you never want to get confused. Use this receipt template to keep track and record sales and transactions quickly and accurately.

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Receipt With Billed

Free download, customize and issue beautiful receipts with Billed. 

Basic Receipt Template

Basic Donation

Basic Receipt Template

Download, customize, and issue stylish and complete receipts to all your clients. It is a full-fledged template that controls receipts in the easiest way ever.

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Basic Rental

Basic Receipt Template

Run your rental property business more smoothly and actively with this stylish and customizable rent receipt template. This multifunctional receipt template helps you quickly add up your totals and measures taxes

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What is a Receipt?

A receipt (can also be called a voucher ) is an official document issued from one party to another in a business transaction or stock market. This document contains valuable information concerning transactions and is used for tax purposes as proof of certain expenditures.
The buyer must request a receipt after the item is purchased if there is a need to exchange or return the item or for warranty purposes.

Who Keeps Receipts?

The most common use of receipts used in daily transactions is the type of duplicate receipts. Types of duplicate receipts can also be duplicate and triplicate receipts. In transactions, both the money giver and the money recipient will keep receipts.

Differences between receipt and invoice

At first glance, a payment receipt and an invoice may appear to be the same, but they are quite different. You must know them so that you make proper use of each one.
A receipt is issued after a sale transaction as proof of the transaction. Instead, the invoice legally accredits that commercial operation. In other words, its issuance helps keep accounting and documents under control and avoid tax oversights. The receipt does not require such an exhaustive record.

What are the benefits of making a receipt?

We know that a receipt is only for informational use, but it is important to do so for all these reasons:

  • Whoever receives it has a useful tool to keep a personal or business record of their expenses.
  • As proof of payment, it is perfect to demonstrate the ownership of a property that has been acquired.
  • For the provider, it usually does not involve extra effort since any payment terminal (POS, dataphone) issues it during the sales process.
  • It gives an image of transparency in the commercial transaction that, without a doubt, fosters the necessary trust between supplier and client.
  • If the client sees what he has purchased and detects any error or damage, he has a receipt with which to go to his supplier to claim an exchange or refund. Otherwise, neither party can be sure that the product was purchased there.

What to include on the Basic Receipt?

When making a document receipt, you need to include the following items:


The first part of the document receipt letter is the title. The title is an identity that distinguishes this letter from other letters. 

A clear and concise title will help both the recipient and the sender recognize this letter. 

Receipt date

Information on the date of receipt is key information in this document. The date of receipt needs to be explained in detail, including the date, month, and year at the time of receipt. This detailed information makes it easy to archive and record data.

Recipient identity

Unforgettable from this letter is who the recipient of the document is. Information that needs to be included in this section contains full name, telephone number, and address. The recipient’s identity is important information to determine who is ultimately responsible for this document.

Item description

The identity of the goods received also needs to be written down in detail for archiving purposes. Description of the goods contains the identity of the goods starting from the name of the goods, condition when received, color, attachments, receipt number, and others. 

Purpose of delivery of goods 

Also, convey the purpose of handing over goods to other parties, whether for sales, administration, cooperation, promotion, or other purposes.

Signature of consignee and sender of goods

Finally, after submitting all of the above information, remember to close it with the signatures of the recipient and sender of the goods. The signature is a sign of formal approval of this document. 

Tips While Writing Receipts

If you think that creating a receipt is a stressful job, now you don’t need to worry anymore. With Billed, you can easily create a professional and detailed basic receipt with a few clicks. Just follow these tips.

  • If you own a small business, then getting a perfect and printer-friendly receipt should be yours at your top priority. You can look up our stylish and customizable receipt templates or use them as samples while creating your own.
  • Your receipt must go with your business. Therefore, be attentive while choosing your template.
  • You can not change your receipt now and then. Hence, while choosing, you need to be 100% sure that this is the format you want for your receipt.
  • Once you have chosen the desired design for your receipt, you need to add all your details to the template that you can do it by downloading and customizing the required template.

Receipt Functions in Business

Issuing receipts is necessary, especially when the transaction involves exchanging money or goods. With proper documentation, exchanging damaged goods or maintaining and balancing accounting records can be easier.

Therefore, this document is the main requirement for companies, freelancers, and professional service providers in running a business.

Give Recognition

A receipt is given to customers to acknowledge their payment, whether in cash, check, or kind. It is a common practice that every time a business transaction and payment occurs, the receiving party must issue a receipt as confirmation.

Any business that fails to issue client receipts can be penalized according to law.

Proof of transaction

Receipts are used to calculate, reconcile, and record transactions in accounting books. This document serves as proof of transaction which is also used to match inventory and assist with financial audits.

Receipts contain information that validates expenses made over a certain period.

Tax documents

Receipts can also provide evidence for expenses claimed on an income tax return.

Businesses can claim a tax deduction on expenses only if they have a valid proof of purchase. And this can prove that it is a business expense.

Exchanges and Refunds

It is important to keep a receipt if it is needed to exchange or return an item. Stores usually ask for verification, so a receipt is required to proceed.

This receipt will prove that the item was purchased at their store and is still under warranty.


A receipt is important to reimburse costs. If an employee has paid work-related expenses and uses their account to pay them, the employer is obligated to refund the employee.

For this reason, a receipt is needed to prove how much was spent and for what purpose.


Why use our Basic Receipt Template?

Now you do not need to spend more time and energy designing complicated and boring ready-made receipts. We offer the best printer-friendly basic receipt template. Download now and take your business to the advanced level effortlessly.


  • Our templates are free to download
  • Available in various friendly formats
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  • Easy to use
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  • Customizable
  • Printable, etc.

Types of Receipts

Bill Receipt

Receipts can be made in different sizes depending on the transaction and the details that need to be included in the document. Billing receipts contain a list of goods purchased and services provided to clients in a more detailed and complete manner.

These receipts are designed to summarize transactions between buyers and sellers. And that also applies if you shop, buy, and order online.

Receipt of Cash

Cash receipt receipts are widely used in most businesses. This is a printed acknowledgment that the customer has paid cash or, in some cases, by check.

Copies are then provided to customers, and the company keeps others for accounting purposes.

Delivery Receipt

Logistics plays a significant role in many businesses around the world. Usually, the shipping company issues a shipping receipt as proof that the package sent has been sent.

The recipient is then assigned to put his signature on the document to prove the parcel has been received. There are several ways to use delivery receipts, for example, through exchanging letters and recording orders sent by the company for delivery.

payment receipt

A payment receipt is issued to a client when full or partial payment has been paid.

Some of the details in this document include the company’s business name, the amount paid, and the payment date. For partial payments, the amount owed is also recorded.

Deposit Receipt

When directly depositing cash or checks at the bank, the teller will issue a deposit receipt or deposit slip to the recipient as an acknowledgment that the deposit has been successful.

The information written on the deposit receipt includes the transaction date, amount, depositor’s name, and account number. For online banking, deposit receipts are available for download or emailed immediately after a successful transaction.

Sales Receipt

Vendors or sellers provide sales receipts to their customers. It records the products and services provided and the amount paid.

These receipts are also used for tax and inventory management, expense reimbursement, and other accounting purposes.

Service Receipt

Service receipts are issued to their clients for services provided by professional or corporate service providers.

In the document, all services provided, including the equipment used and the costs, are detailed and reflected. Its aim and design is to offer clients transparency and proof of service.

How to create a Basic Receipt?

While dealing with your customers, you always want to issue them accurate and detailed receipts quickly in the right way. Don’t let the paper receipts eat up your precious time, money, and energy. 

Follow the given steps and create a free printable basic receipt in seconds.

  • Download the Basic Receipt Template from Billed for free

  • Add your business name and basic contact details like a phone number or email address, etc.

  • Add the customer name and basic contact details

  • Include issuance date

  • Add the total amount paid by the client

  • Add other payments, if any, like advance or security, etc.

  • Add your payment method

  • Sign the receipt

  • Save 

  • Send it via email or Billed

Download The Basic Receipt Template For Free

As a business, you need a reliable way to provide your customers with a receipt for their purchase. Use the free basic receipt template from Billed with editable sample text to fill in all receipt-specific details to give your customer an official, detailed receipt.
With ample space for line item descriptions, this receipt template is perfect for keeping payment receipt records for products or services and providing comprehensive receipts to customers.

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