Receipt Template Pdf

Receipt Template Pdf

Create and issue as many receipts as you need with the free PDF receipt template from Billed. Download it now and start creating professional and detailed receipts quickly and ideally in the right way. 

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Do you want to issue receipts in PDF format, but you are not very clear how? With Billed, you will find more than one PDF receipt template to download, but you will also see what exactly they are, how to make and fill them out, and what these PDF receipts are used for.

You can download our professional-looking and fully-editable receipt templates in your favorite format like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Word, XLS, PDF.

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Create receipts faster with Billed. Start sending receipts now.

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PDF Donation Receipt Template

Receipt Template Pdf

Create professional-looking and detailed PDF donation receipts for your non-profit organization.
You can cover a wide range of charities by merely downloading this stylish and flexible receipt template.

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PDF Cash Receipt Template

Receipt Template Pdf

Do you want to please your clients by issuing clear and detailed receipts? You can rely on this free and stylish receipt template no matter how, when, where, and who made the payment.

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Receipt With Billed

Upgrade your receipt generating process with Billed.

Receipt Template Pdf

Receipt With Billed

Create professional-looking receipts with Billed. Get started for free.

Receipt Template Pdf

PDF Sale Receipt Template

Receipt Template Pdf

Every customer has its own requirements regarding accepting receipts. Download this fully-editable template to encourage them to come again and again to buy your services and products.

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PDF Rent Payment Receipt Template

Receipt Template Pdf

Do you want to impress your tenants by presenting professional and detailed rent payment receipts right from the beginning of the rental contract?
Then try this multifunctional template.

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Importance of Receipts

For everything, you are supposed to have a receipt, then how can you avoid the importance of the pdf receipt.

There are several reasons why you should issue or request a PDF receipt. Some of them are as follows.

  • It’s imperative to have a pdf receipt of your services or goods payments
  • PDF receipts avoid disputes and act as proof you paid or receive your payments on time.
  • These receipts are also convenient for your taxes, especially if you want to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of PDF Receipt

Using a receipt template has many advantages some of them are as follows.

  • Keeping financial record: 

Excellent and perfect financial transaction is not possible without a receipt. With the help of a detailed receipt, you can easily verify your weekly, monthly, and annual income. 

  • Filing Tax:

It provides proof to tax and audit teams that payment is being made against specific services.  

  • Avoid confusion:

As proof of payment, it ensures that all payments are correctly recorded and avoids confusion and conflict..

  • Preventing potential scam:

Receipt works as a safeguard against scams. With the help of date and time on the receipt, you can quickly come to know when and where the goods where the customers purchased the goods.

How to Send a PDF Receipt?

You can send the PDF receipt in the following ways.

  • Print out the template, fill the information in, and handover directly to the tenants.
  • You can send the hard copy of the pdf receipt by post.
  • You may also send the pdf receipt via email, Billed, etc.

What to include on PDF Receipt?

As a businessman, you need to issue a PDF receipt that contains the following details. 

  • The date of payment: The date when the customer made a partial or full payment for your goods or services.
  • Sum amount received: This is the exact amount the customer paid to get the goods or services from you.
  • The seller’s details: Your business name and contact details like phone number, address, etc.
  • Quantity purchased: The volume of goods or services received by the customer.
  • An optional logo: Enter the logo of your business in different fonts and colors
  • The amount remaining due: The amount the customer is still scheduled to complete payment.
  • The original receipt number: Give your receipt a unique number.

Why use our PDF Receipt Template?

Now you do not need to waste your energy and valuable time designing complicated and orthodox PDF receipts. We offer the best PDF receipts template. Free download now and take your business to the advanced level effortlessly. 


  • Our templates are free to download
  • Available in various friendly formats
  • Our templates are easily accessible 
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish 
  • Editable 
  • Printable, etc.

How to create a PDF Receipt?

Creating a PDF receipt with Billed is just a matter of only a few seconds. Follow the given steps and create your stylish and professional-looking PDF receipt.

  • Download a PDF receipt template from Billed for free
  • Add your or business’s name, address and other contact details
  • Add the customer’s name, address, phone number, and email, etc.
  • Include insurance date
  • Add the total amount made by the customer
  • Add other payments like advance or security, etc.
  • Add your payment methods
  • Sign the receipt
  • Save
  • Issue

Download The PDF Receipt Template For Free

From Billed, you can download a PDF receipt template for free, save it on your device, and then use it again and again. Take advantage of our latest receipt templates and connect to “work efficiency” right now!

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