Donation Receipt Template

Donation Receipt Template

Create a personalized receipt with Billed today. Download the free donation receipt template and start creating professional and high-quality receipts in a few seconds. Submit and make donors happy about their decisions.

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Are you running a charity organization and want to track cash transactions throughout the year? With the help of our high-quality receipt templates from Billed, you easily control and record your daily transactions.

Moreover, this will help you know exactly how many donations you have collected in total and manage to filter the donations marked as deductible to prepare and make the corresponding tax returns.

Our beautiful and easily-editable receipt templates are available in different friendly formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Word, Excel, and PDF, etc.

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Charitable Donation Template


With this receipt template style, you do not need to knee-deep in designing complicated and unproductive charitable donation receipts. Download it now.

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Non-Profit Donation Receipt

Donation Receipt Template

With this free non-profit receipt template from Billed, you can quickly register the customer details, the date of donation, and the exact donated amount.

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Donation Receipt Template

Receipt With Billed

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Donation Receipt Template

Editable Donation Template

Do you need to keep track of cash payments? Download this beautiful receipt template today. It is adaptable and easy to use; you need to fill out the editable fields when required.


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Printable Donation Template

Donation Receipt Template

Download this free and high-quality receipt template and start printing a bundle of receipts on paper and use in your business. Download it now.

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What is a donation receipt?

A donation receipt is a document that proves that a donation has been made. The amount donated, the date of receipt, and the name of the organization that received it are listed and can be used as an official certificate. The donation receipt format needs to be uniformly regulated and is characterized by differences between NPOs, local governments, and public interest incorporated associations.

In addition, there are a few cases where the receipt is issued immediately after the donation occurs, and it is often sent later.

Invoice Vs Receipt

What is the difference between a receipt and an invoice? The answer is its use and role in transaction activity. An invoice is a written document given as a sign to provide information to customers about what products must be paid off. That’s why invoices always have a due date.

Receipts are different from invoices.

This is because the document is only given after the invoice is received, and the product is sent to the customer. Furthermore, the focus of the two documents is also different. Invoices are more about payment information, while receipts relate to the receipt of goods.

Receipt Example and Format

Creating a receipt letter is not difficult. Most importantly, you include all the transaction details needed, such as the product’s name, the number of products, and to whom the product is received. Furthermore, there is no need for long and overly formal opening and closing words.

Some examples of receipts that can be made are:

  • Product Receipt
  • Receipt of Goods Redemption
  • Inventory Document Receipt
  • Goods Loan Receipt
  • Used Vehicle Receipt

Below, there is an example of a receipt document format:

Today, on ……., The following items have been received

  • Product Name: Product
  • Quantity: Product
  • Price:
  • Product Descriptions:

Why are receipts needed?

A donation receipt is an important document that records a person’s donation to an organization. It serves as a receipt for the transaction, is used to track donations, and can be used for tax purposes. If your organization offers a recurring giving program, it’s better to include details of its recent activities so that the recipient feels connected to the cause.

The organizations must issue a donation receipt to their donors. In most cases, people expect a receipt after donating. A donation receipt dramatically benefits both the organization and the donor. It can help reduce the tax burden.

Donation receipts are not only an important part of an organization’s work but also an opportunity to say thank you to donors. A sound receipts system like Billed or Agiled also helps keep track of all donations that have been made.

When should I use the donation receipt?

A donation receipt certificate is required during the final tax return. When an individual spends a specified donation, there is a preferential treatment system in which the donation amount is deducted from the amount of income. When receiving a deduction for donations, it is necessary to submit a donation receipt certificate to prove the donation amount.

Why do I need a donation receipt?

The impact of your donation counts entirely on who you donate to and for what. With your donation to a non-profit organization, you directly support the goals of the respective organization. 

But not only the organization you support benefits from your donation. A donation can also have a direct impact on you. 

Donations made to tax-advantaged causes can be tax-deductible as a particular expense, reducing your tax burden.

What to include on the Donation Receipt?

The honorable donors support your cause, so you need to issue the donor receipt that contains the following details.

The payment date: The date when the donor made a charity.
Sum amount received: This is the exact amount the donor paid.
The organization’s details: Its name, and contact details.
Quantity Received: The volume of goods donated by the donor.
An optional logo: Enter the logo of your non-profit organization in different fonts and colors
The original receipt number: Give your receipt a specific number.

Benefits of Using a Receipt

Using the donation receipt gives you many advantages; some of them are as follows.

Keeping proper financial record: 

Excellent and perfect record keeping is not possible without a receipt. With the help of the donation receipt, you can easily verify your weekly, monthly, and annual donation transactions.

For audit teams: 

With the help of the donation receipt, you can quickly retrieve and hand over all the requested information to the audit team.

Avoid confusion: 

It ensures that all charities are correctly recorded and avoids confusion.

Preventing potential scams: 

Receipt acts as a safeguard against scams. With the help of the date and time on the receipt. You can quickly come to know who, when, and why the donations were collected.

Why use our Donation Receipt Template?

Now you do not need to spend more time and energy designing complicated and orthodox receipts. We offer the best printer-friendly receipt templates. Download now and take your business to the advanced level effortlessly. 


  • Our templates are free to download
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How to create a Donation Receipt?

As there is no particular standard to create a donation receipt template since depending on the transaction, it may be necessary to add more or fewer details.

However, with Billed, you can easily create a stylish and professional donation receipt after adding the following data.

  • Download the free Donation Receipt Template from Billed
  • Add your non-profit organization name and basic contact details
  • Add your logo in your favorite fonts and colors
  • Add the donor’s name, address, phone number, and email address, etc.
  • Include issuance date
  • Add the donation amount
  • Add payment method
  • Sign the donation receipt
  • Save
  • Send your receipt via email, or Billed

Types of donation receipts

Donation receipt for charity

A charitable donation receipt is a letter or email received by a donor after donating.

cash donation receipt

Cash donation receipts are issued when donations are made in cash. If the donor’s identity is known, it is possible to call the donation anonymous. However, if the amount is accepted in cash, the donation can be considered anonymous.

Receipt for donations in kind

Donations in kind are tax deductible provided the goods are of equal or greater value. They can also be used for volunteer work and are not tax deductible. The recipient should also provide the gift details on the donation receipt.

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