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With our free restaurant receipt template, you can easily customize your restaurant receipts how you want.

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If you are running a restaurant and are thinking of designing a stylish and branded receipt. You may be able to find tons of receipt templates from the internet, but it’s easier to use the ready-to-use receipt templates from Billed. Moreover, by using, our easily-editable receipt templates, you don’t have to enter a messy formula for calculating because just input information is enough in the template. The rest of the receipt template will include prices with various discounts, including taxes to be completed automatically.
Our attractive and time-saving receipt templates are available in different popular formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, and Excel.

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Blank Restaurant Receipt Template

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If you are only looking for a complete and professional receipt template for your business. Then download this free and stylish receipt template today; it has a wide range of features and options.

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Printable Restaurant Receipt Template

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You can download this beautiful and editable receipt template for free, customized, and send it to your clients in no time. Download now, it has a wide range of features and options.

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Restaurant Receipt Template

restaurant receipt

Download, customize, and issue this receipt template to your clients. With this stylish and customizable receipt template, you can quickly create and print receipts for your customers with just a few clicks.

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Basic Restaurant Receipt Template

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If you want to send stylish and crystal-clear receipts to your clients. Use this stylish and customizable, receipt template, and start creating branded and impactful receipts in just a few seconds.

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Restaurant Bill Receipt Template

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You can not afford to avoid any business transaction. That’s why you should use this ready-to-use receipt template. Its advanced features help you create impactful receipts for your business in just a few seconds.

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Food Delivery Receipt Template

food delivery receipt

For your convenience, Billed facilitates you with this simple receipt template style that meets all your needs. Its advanced features help you issue accurate receipts in seconds. Download now.

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Restaurant Order Receipt

restaurant order receipt

This user-friendly receipt template helps you create branded and high-quality easily and quickly. To get started, all you require is to add your logo, services details, and payment method, etc.

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Sea-Food Receipt Template

sea food

If you want to get rid of a complicated receipt template, you need to download this beautiful and easily-editable receipt template. You can easily add up total and measure taxes. 

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Itemized Restaurant Receipt Template

itemized restaurant receipt

This ready-to-use receipt template is designed exclusively for your needs. Download now and run your business more smoothly and effectively..

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Restaurant Dining Receipt Template

restaurant dinning receipt

If you are fed up with irregular receipts and want to issue your receipts quickly. Replace your receipt template with this ready-made and modern receipt template.

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What is a restaurant receipt?

A restaurant receipt is a document that shows the items purchased, the cost of each item, the total cost of the purchase, and applicable taxes. The receipt can also offer the payment methods used and any discounts or promotions applied to the purchase.

What is the difference between a restaurant receipt and an invoice?

A restaurant receipt is a document provided to a customer describing the items they have purchased at a restaurant.

Invoice is issued before the customer sends payment, while a receipt is issued after payment is received. The invoice serves as a request for payment, and the receipt is proof of payment.

What do you need a restuarant receipt for?

For companies to be able to deduct the cost of a business meal from tax, they must provide a receipt for the hospitality. Otherwise, the tax office will not recognize the entertainment costs as business expenses. If the hospitality receipt is issued correctly, up to 70 percent of a business meal with business partners is tax deductible.

When to issue a receipt?

While running a restaurant, your clients want you to issue them receipts after every successful payment. 

Therefore, your receipt should not be complicated by any means, and it should be presented to the clients immediately after the business is finalized. 

You can issue your rent receipt in the following ways.

  • Sending receipts electronically should be your top priority.
  • You can present a handwritten receipt to your clients.
  • Get the print of your cash receipt and send it via post, but it is not the best option.


Types of Restaurant Receipts

There are many restaurant receipts, and that each one is meant to show another payment type. You will want to know this because it will help you understand which one you should make for the right situation. So here are a few examples:


  • Fast Food/Drive-thrus
  • Fast Casual
  • Sports Bar
  • Casual Dining
  • Fine Dining
  • Pop-up Restaurants
  • Food Trucks

What to include on Restaurant Receipt?

A restuarant receipt must contain the following information in order to be recognized by the tax office:

  • the occasion of the hospitality
  • date of hospitality
  • Place of service: name of the restaurant
  • Names and companies of the people who were entertained
  • Entertainment costs (net amount, sales tax, gross amount)
  • tip
  • signature of the employee

Tips While Writing Restaurant Receipts

If you think that creating a receipt is a stressful job, now you don’t need to worry anymore. With Billed, you can easily create a professional and detailed restaurant receipt with a few clicks. Just follow these tips.

Start by creating a basic layout. Include your restaurant’s name, address, contact information, and space for the date, time, and order number.

Decide what information you want to add. This can vary but include the items ordered, the price, applicable taxes, and the total cost.

Your receipt must be easy to read and understand. For example, use simple language and precise formatting to avoid any confusion.

Print your receipt to test it. That is, ensure everything is correct and the receipt is printed correctly on paper.

Once it’s ready, you can start using it in your restaurant.

The benefits of creating your own receipts

When you create your receipt, you have complete control over what goes on. You can include all essential information, like the date, time, location of the meal, and the names of those who attended. You can also add a personal message or a special note.

Another benefit of preparing your restaurant receipts is that you can be confident that it contains all the information a customer needs.

Using a software program makes it easy to add everything. This is especially important if you report a business expense on your taxes.

Like Billed does, here’s the good part ‚Äď once you’ve designed your receipt, you’re ready to onboard your restaurant with Billed.

Why use our restaurant receipt template?

Now you do not need to spend more time and energy designing complicated receipts from the scratch. We offer the best printer-friendly receipt templates. Download now and take your business to the advanced level effortlessly.

  • Our templates are free to download
  • Available in various friendly formats
  • Our templates are easily accessible
  • Easy to use
  • You can quickly and easily keep track of your financial transactions and sales records, etc.
  • Our templates have editable¬†fields for taxes, unit prices, discounts, and subtotals, etc.
  • Stylish
  • Printable, etc.

How to use our Restaurant Receipt Template?

If you want to use stylish and customizable receipt templates, then follow the given steps.

  • Add your business name and basic contacts details
  • Add your business logo in different fonts and colors¬†
  • Add the amount you receive from the client
  • Add your client‚Äôs name and address.
  • Add the details of goods or services for which you want to generate the receipt
  • Review the sample receipt on the screen and print it out with a single click.

How to create a Restaurant Receipt?

While dealing with several customers simultaneously, you always want to issue accurate and stylish printable receipts to all of them. Don’t let your receipts eat up your valuable time, money, and energy. Follow the given steps and create a free printable receipt in a minute.

  • Download the Restaurant Receipt Template from Billed for free

  • Add your¬†business¬†name and basic¬†contact details
  • Add the¬†customer details¬†like name,¬†billing address, etc.
  • Include issuance date
  • Add the total amount made by the client
  • Add your other payments like advance or security etc.
  • Add your reliable¬†payment method
  • Sign it
  • Save¬†
  • Send your professional-looking receipt via email or Billed

You can create your receipts by hand, but special accounting programs can make your work a lot easier. With professional software like Billed, you can easily create and issue detailed and stylish receipts to your customers in a few seconds. This not only saves you the arithmetic work but at the same time, all the required data is automatically transferred to your receipt; this saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Download The Restaurant Receipt Template For Free

If you are using a boring ready-made receipt template to generate¬†receipts, it’s time for something a little better. Download our high-quality¬†receipt templates¬†and start creating detailed and professional-looking receipts in just a few seconds.

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