Cash Receipt Template

Cash Receipt Template

Create professional and stylish cash receipts that your customers will love. Download this receipt template from Billed and start creating professional and stylish receipts quickly and ideally.

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As a business person, you always need to issue a cash receipt to your customer, whether it is a paper receipt or electronic.

Luckily, with the help of beautiful and easily-editable receipt templates from Billed, you can easily create and issue your own professional receipts in seconds. Moreover, you can keep them for tax purposes.

Download now and start sending professional-looking and detailed receipts via Billed, email, or regular post.

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Printable Cash Receipt Template

Printable Cash Receipt

Stop sending boring ready-made receipts. Download this stylish and free receipt template to make your own receipts in seconds. Suitable for every entrepreneur, from retailer to legal firm.

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Cash Receipt Template

Cash Receipt Template

Facilitate your business with this stylish and customizable receipt template. This receipt template ready to go faster and also gives so much to the recipient side.

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cash receipt template

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Get free editable receipt templates for your small business. Easily-editable, download, and print.

cash receipt template

Petty Cash Receipt Template

petty cash receipt

If you are only looking for a complete and professional receipt template for your business. Then download this free  receipt template today; it has a wide range of features and options.

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Editable Cash Receipt Template

Cash Receipt Template

You can download this beautiful  template for free, customized, and send it to your clients in no time. Download now and it has a wide range of features and options.

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cash receipt template

Blank Cash Receipt Template

blank cash receipt template

Download, customize, and issue this receipt template to your clients. With this receipt template, you can quickly create and print receipts for your customers with just a few clicks.

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Cash Acknowledgment Receipt Template

cash acknowledgemnt receipt

If you want to send stylish and crystal-clear receipts to your clients. Use this easily-editable receipt template, and start creating branded and impactful receipts in just a few seconds.

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What is a Cash Receipt?

It is a document that shows that the payment is made in return for the goods or services sold. It is deducted when the payment is made by check or cash. The cash receipt is issued in 2 copies; the original receipt is given to the paying party, and the copy remains with the collector. It is also known as a receipt document.
If the payment is made using a credit card, money order, or EFT, the bank receipt replaces the cash receipt. Also, there is no need to issue a cash receipt.

Where is the cash receipt used?

Cash receipt is used in all commercial activities where goods and services are sold. It is regulated to keep a record of money received or paid in commercial trading transactions. These payments can be made in cash or by check.
In addition, the collection process can be made by credit card, debit card, money order, and EFT methods. The document issued at the end of these transactions proves that the collection has been made and can be used as a collection receipt.

Common Cash Receipt Types

There are different types of cash receipt, depending on their purpose. Some of them are as follows.

  • Petty Cash Receipt Template: This type of receipt describes a cash withdrawal for minor expenses with an amount, date, receipt number, description, charge, and approval per section.
  • Cash Withdrawal Receipt: It is used to record the total amount of the cash withdrawal. Downloads in DOCX, Excel, Word, or PDF format.
  • Cash receipt template: Download this cash payment receipt template for MS-Word, MS-Excel, or OpenOffice from Billed.

What to include on cash Receipt?


On providing the goods and specialized services to your customers, your cash receipt should contain the following details.

  • Add your business address, email, phone, or fax number, etc.  
  • Details of the services or goods sold and the cost of each
  • The total amount of services or products sold
  • Details of discounted amount (if any)
  • Return policy (if any)
  • Signature of both parties (seller and buyer)
  • The receipt should indicate the method of the payment 
  • The receipt should describe the details about the transaction along with the date, month, and year.

What are the situations that do not require a cash receipt?

  • When the payment is made by wire transfer or EFT method, the receipt from the bank replaces the receipt; there is no need to issue a collection receipt.
  • A credit or debit card slip replaces a receipt; there is no need to issue a collection receipt.
  • If a sales slip has been issued from the cash register against payment, there is no need to issue a separate collection receipt.

How to fill out the cash receipt?

The cash receipt needs to be issued after the payment is received. The mandatory information that should be on the cash receipt is as follows:

  • Name, surname, and title of the party giving the receipt,
  • Address and telephone information of the party giving the receipt,
  • The date the receipt was issued,
  • Name of the person making the payment,
  • The amount of the payment (in text and numbers),
  • The reason for the payment,
  • If the payment is made by check, which bank the check belongs to, and the check number,
  • signature of both parties,
  • The party issuing the receipt must stamp the receipt.

The Importance of Receipts for Buyers & Sellers

There are many reasons why receipt documents are very important for buyers and sellers when carrying out product or service transaction processes.

Here are some reasons why receipts are important to buyers and sellers.


For buyers, receipts have the following roles:

  • Serves as proof of purchase 
  • Reduction of fees for filing taxes
  • As proof of transfer of funds
  • To claim warranty or product returns
  • As evidence of changes or modifications to services
  • Not infrequently also become evidence of charitable donations.


Meanwhile, for sellers, receipts play a role in the following:

  • Serves as proof of transaction
  • Provide convenience in the process of financial records.
  • Revenue from the sale of goods or services can be well documented.
  • As a receipt in filing tax-related matters such as sales tax returns and the like
  • As a document that is binding between the buyer and the seller to ensure the smoothness and convenience of the transaction process
  • As proof of billing for buyers who apply for payment in installments.


Tips While Writing Receipts

Before starting to make or sign receipt documents, the buyer and seller need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Only include a signature on a blank receipt with a clear and valid explanation.
  • Always end writing on receipt documents with a period.
  • If you want to attach proof of receipt of money, write in full the recipient’s name.
  • Write a description of the date and place with adjacent positions.
  • Make sure every data in the form of product details, nominal money, and other information related to transactions is correct.
  • Recheck the receipt before signing it so you don’t mistake the signature in a specific column.
  • If stamp duty is required, attach a stamp duty on the receipt document accompanied by the signature of the relevant party in the same column.

How to create a Cash Receipt?

At least a number of steps must be carried out correctly and systematically in compiling a receipt document.

The steps are described in simple points below:

  • Download the free cash receipt template from Billed
  • Enter the receipt number carefully
  • Write the full name of the beneficiary and depositor. 
  • Include details of products or services appropriately.
  • Write down the date and place of execution of transaction activities. 
  • Enter the total nominal amount of money in the related column that has been listed.
  • Include detailed and precise descriptions of payments so buyers can quickly fulfill their obligations in the transaction process.
  • Add a signature along with a stamp or stamp in the available relevant column.
  • Send your receipt via email or Billed.

Download The Cash Receipt Template For Free

From Billed, you can download a cash receipt template for free, save it on your device, and then use it again and again. Take advantage of our latest receipt template collection and connect to “work efficiency” right now!

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