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You work hard to diagnose and treat problems with teeth and gums. But with Billed, you can easily diagnose and address your financial issues.
Download the free dental invoice right now, create stylish and detailed invoices, and get paid quickly.

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As a dentist, you perform various hard work, from diagnosing oral disease to surgical procedure.
Get the free dentist invoice template from Billed, create professional and customizable invoices for your business, and get the reward of your every service quickly and ideally.
You can create professional invoices with our free downloadable templates in Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, MS-Excel, Word. Click for more free invoice templates.

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Download a Dentist Invoice Template

Dental Invoice Template

invoice template

Use this stylish and customizable invoice template to bill your clients and make them happy by providing detailed and branded invoices accurately.

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Free Dental Invoice Template

invoice template

Download this invoice template today, and start creating stylish and detailed invoices for your clients in seconds, send and get paid  quickly and ideally.

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Accept online payments on your invoices to get paid faster.

invoice template

Invoice With Billed

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invoice template

Dental Clinic Invoice Template

By using advanced formatting options, you can adapt this invoice template to your brand and create professional and branded invoices within a few seconds

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Dental Clinic and Laboratory Invoice Template

invoice template

Download, customize, and use this invoice template to bill all your clients. Its flexibility empowers you to add or subtract fields to fit your billing needs.

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What Are Some Main Advantages Of Using a Dental Invoice?

After treating the patients, you have the right to get paid immediately and flawlessly in the right way.
An invoice is a powerful tool that activates your right to get paid promptly, ideally.
Here are some other advantages you can enjoy with Billed.

  • With the invoice, the headache of missed payments or due dates is no more
  • Sending a systematic bill is a matter of a minute
  • Helps to organize the clients’ accounts details correctly
  • No need to worry about your financial transactions
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax

Why should the dentist send professional invoices?

As a professional dentist, you know how to help people find relief from oral or teeth issues.
To cover your payments’ full range, you need to send the perfect, detailed, and crystal invoice to your clients.
If you want to send professional and detailed invoices to your clients, get started billing with Billed, and help your clients release your payments timely and entirely without any confusion.

When is the right time to send an invoice to your clients?

Sending the invoice at the perfect time is always helpful to get compensated timely and accurately.
You can send the invoice at the right time with the help of the following tips.

  • To treat minor issues, it is always handy to invoice your client at once after completing the treatment.
  • For surgical services, it is better to request payment upfront.
  • If you have recurring clients, it is better to get paid on a weekly or monthly basis.

Invoicing Tips for Dentists

Without a professional and detailed invoice, it could be challenging to get paid immediately and ideally. Here some main invoicing tips that help you to create a professional and fruitful invoice. 

Numbered the invoice:

 It helps you to identify every invoice. Through invoice number, you can easily keep track of all invoices effortlessly. 

Include a ‘payment due’ date: 

Including the payment due date in the invoice helps your client to know when you expect to get paid. 

Include up-to-date contact information: 

After entering the contact information in the invoice, it is better to recheck it. Wrong contact details can cause the delay.

Accept a variety of payment methods: 

The flexibility in payment methods enables you to receive your payments as soon as possible.

Invoice Types for Dentists

As a dentist, you have to provide various services like locating the infected or painful areas of the mouth.
To fulfill all your dentist billing requirements, Billed presents different invoice types so that you can bill your clients with the invoice that suits you the best.

Standard Invoice: 

With the help of a standard invoice, you can easily bill your clients for the service.

Recurring Invoice:

 If you work at regular intervals, you can charge your clients for the dental services through a recurring invoice.

Prepayment Invoice: 

The prepayment invoice empowers you to keep track of advancement payments. 

Time-Based Invoice: 

If you performed your services on an hourly basis, you could bill your clients via a time-based invoice.

Credit Memo: 

You can quickly refund the amount through a credit memo.

Debit Invoice: 

A debit invoice indicates the increment in the balance due

How to Create a Dental Invoice?

Creating a dental invoice with Billed is no more difficult. You can easily include all the ingredients of your professional services in a few seconds. Follow the given instructions and get your first perfect branded and professional invoice with just a few clicks.

  • Download Dentist invoice from Billed for free
  • Enter your or business name and the contact details
  • Add your logo in different fonts and colors
  • Enter the client’s name and contact details
  • Add the unique invoice number
  • Enter the invoice issue date
  • Include payment due date
  • Add all the services provided along with the charges for each
  • Add the total
  • Save
  • Send via Billed and email.

Download a Dentist Invoice Template for Free

Treat your clients effectively and confidently, and leave your billing issues on Billed.
Download the free dentist invoice template, create detailed and branded invoices in seconds. Send and get paid for all your services immediately in the right way.

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