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Get a free, ready-to-use Microsoft Excel Invoice Template from Billed and create detailed and professional invoices in seconds.

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As a small business person, you have a lot on your plate. Managing clients, keeping track of finances, and sending invoices can feel overwhelming. But creating professional invoices doesn’t have to be complicated.

Simplify your invoicing process with our customizable invoice templates. It’s the perfect solution to help you get paid quickly and accurately for your services.

With the free invoice template from Billed, designed for Microsoft Excel, you can create and send invoices in just a few minutes. It’s as easy to use as any blank Excel workbook, making it an excellent choice for anyone familiar with Microsoft Excel.

You can download the template in various formats, including Google Sheets, Google Docs, Word, PDF. Choose the best format for you and start streamlining your invoicing today.

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Download Excel Invoice Template

Free Excel Bill

free excel bill

Download the free Excel bill template today to start making high-quality invoices right away.

Excel Work Order

excel work order

Download this well organised excel work order, edit it , and send it to your customers to get paid.

Invoice Template Excel

invoice template excel

Download this free invoice template excel to bill your clients easily. Just download it, edit it , and send.

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Ms excel invoice

Excel Bill Template

bill template in excel

Create professional invoices by downloading this excel bill template. Just fill it and send it.

Blank Excel Invoice

blank invoice in excel

Get this free blank excel invoice template to professionally invoices your customers with ease.

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invoice in excel

Sample Excel Invoice Template

sample excel invoice

Download this beautiful and easy to use sample excel invoice template today and create detailed and professional-looking invoices.

Free Excel Invoice Template

free excel invoice

Looking for a free excel invoice template? Download this template to create professional invoices in excel for free.

Excel Invoicing for Small Businesses

Whether a small business owner or freelancer, you often need to create and send invoices to your clients. However, dealing with complex software or accounting tools can frustrate the process. Many invoicing software options must be more varied and affordable, making finding the right solution for sending professional billing invoices to clients challenging.

But there’s good news! You can streamline your small business invoicing and create Excel invoices quickly and easily. An invoice generator like Billed, or Agiled is a perfect solution for business owners with recurring clients who want to avoid creating invoices from scratch whenever they need to get paid.

You can create invoices customized to your business’s needs using free Excel invoice templates. You can download these templates for free from Billed, a service that helps you generate invoices efficiently. Choose the template format that suits you best and start getting paid the right way.

With Excel invoices, you can modify them to match the services you provide. You can include your pricing and privacy policy and add your business branding to maintain a professional image.

The best part is that creating invoices no longer requires hours of manual work, confusing tools, or hiring a designer. With Microsoft Excel invoice templates, you can easily create invoices that suit your company needs in seconds. These templates are easy to use and ensure a smoother payment process for your clients.

Is there an invoice template in Excel?

Yes, there are invoice templates in excel. You can search for excel invoice templates in the Microsoft Office Templates library and choose the template that suits your need. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can choose from one of our Excel Invoice Templates that are available to you for free.

How to Send an Excel Invoice to Your Clients?

Once you’ve customized your Excel invoice using Billed, you can send it to your clients. Here’s what you need to do:

  • To access the saved .xls file, open it on your computer, mobile device, or any compatible platform you are using.
  • Double-check that all the details on the invoice are accurate and ensure that it is named appropriately for your client.
  • You have two options for sending the invoice to your client: 

Email: Attach the Excel file to an email and send it to your client. You can add a personalized message explaining the invoice and any additional instructions. 

Print and Mail: If you prefer a physical copy, print off the completed invoice and mail it to your client’s address. Make sure to use a secure mailing method.

  • Once you have chosen the suitable method, send the invoice to your client.

That’s it! You have successfully sent your Excel invoice to your client. By using Billed, you can efficiently manage your invoicing process and ensure a professional presentation to your clients.

How To Create and Invoice In Excel?

To create an invoice in excel, follow the simple steps given below. 

  1. Open Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  2. Click on “New”.
  3. You will see a search bar. Enter the word invoice and press Enter. 
  4. Microsoft will show you a lot of templates from their Library. 
  5. Choose the excel invoice template that suits your business.
  6. Click Create. 
  7. Add your company name, client name, address. 
  8. Enter the line items and check the total of the invoice. 
  9. Add the due dates.
  10. Customize color etc to match your business branding. 
  11. Click Save or “Ctrl+S”
  12. Click on “File” and choose Print or Save as PDF so the invoice can’t be edited. 
  13. Your invoice is ready to send, attach the invoice with the email or print it out for your customer.

Download the Free Excel Invoice Template

You can easily create polished invoices for your small business with the free and beautiful Microsoft Excel invoice template from Billed. We understand the challenges faced by companies worldwide when it comes to invoicing. That’s why we’ve designed a simple, downloadable invoice template for Excel, making the process easier.

By using Billed’s 100% free invoice generator templates, you can let our invoice maker handle the heavy lifting for you. Save time and effort by simply saving, filling out, and sending your invoices. We support your invoicing needs and help you present a professional image to your clients.

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