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Create stylish and detailed invoices that capture all the details of your specialized services or products. Download the free house cleaning invoice templates from Billed and start billing your clients quickly and professionally.

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What Is a House Cleaning Invoice Used For?

Clients hire you to clean their properties professionally, and in return, you need to bill them with the best invoicing software.
The main objective of the house cleaning invoice is to send a bill for your provided services.
This powerful tool also enables you to keep track of your provided services along with the financial matter.
The use of a house cleaning invoice templates can bring significant changes to your business. Some of the main advantages of house cleaning invoice are as follows.

  • Keep a comprehensive record of all your business transactions
  • Organize your payments for your hard work with perfection
  • Prevent the unseen payments due dates
  • Save your time and earning at the time of filing the tax
  • Maintain the perfect record of the unpaid payments
  • Outline the provided services
  • Efficiently manage the account with perfection

A well-organized and professional invoice enables you not only to get paid for your provided services, but it also enables you to keep all your business dealings in the right way with perfection.
Download this elegant and customizable invoice template from Billed, and get paid quickly and ideally for all your services or products.

Invoice Types for House Cleaners

As an owner of the house cleaning business, you perform different sorts of services. The different types of house cleaning invoice templates of Billed are designed in such a way that fulfill all your business requirements.
You can bill your clients through different types of invoices, some of them are as follows.

Standard Invoice:
Whenever you provide services, you usually bill your clients with a standard invoice.
It contains the details of services along with the charges for each.

Recurring Invoice:
Through recurring invoices, you can automatically bill your client for your recurring payments. It is very beneficial if you are providing your cleaning services weekly.

Prepayment Invoice:
If there is no trusting relationship between you and your client. You can ask him for advance payment through the prepayment invoice. 

Time-Based Invoice:
If you set up your services charges on an hourly basis, you can bill your clients via a
time-based invoice.

Credit Invoice:
If your client wants to refund the amount. You may notify him through a credit invoice. 

Debit Invoice:
Whenever there is an increase in charges you can inform your client via debit invoice.

Mixed Invoice:

A mixed invoice contains both credit and debit details.
After completing the project, you can bill your client in no time via these printable and editable house cleaning invoice templates from Billed.

How to Create a House Cleaning Invoice?

With Billed you can create a professional and eye-catching house cleaning invoice in no time.
A professional invoice contains the detail of services provided along with the charges for each. Your client never gets a chance to play delaying tactics for the payments. Let’s start creating the professional house cleaning invoice from Billed and enjoy your earnings.

  • Download the free customizable House Cleaning Invoice template from Billed
  • Include your business name and contact details
  • Add your business logo
  • Add client’s name, address, and contact details
  • Insert a particular invoice number
  • Include invoice issue date
  • Add payment due date
  • Add your provided services along with the bill for each
  • Insert the total charges
  • Include payment terms and conditions
  • Save
  • Send

The well-organized free cleaning house template of Billed empowers you to get paid for your hard work in no time efficiently.
A crystal clear house cleaning invoice enables your clients to know what they have to pay for your cleaning services.

Download a House Cleaning Invoice Template for Free

Do you want a simple and ideal house cleaning invoice template? Our free house cleaning invoice template helps you create stylish and branded invoices in seconds. You just need to download the template, fill it out, save, and send it.

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