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Get paid faster than ever for your tour guidance services with the free travel agent invoice template from Billed. Download, customize, and send a well-designed, detailed, and clear invoice in just a few seconds.

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You never want to waste your time creating personalized invoices for each tourist. Get free travel agent invoice templates from Billed, and get an easy and transparent way to bill your clients.
You can download our professional invoice templates in various friendly formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, and Excel.

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Download Travel Agent Invoice Template

Free Travel Agent Bill Invoice Template

invoice template

This template has several advanced features, like adding a personal touch to invoices by selecting the desired color scheme and including a brand logo. You can easily customize the look, design, and text to meet your billing requirements.

Travel Agent Group Bookings

invoice template

Use this stylish and customizable invoice template today; it keeps you on top of your accounting situation. You can now quickly create branded invoices that highlight your brand. Download it now and make your invoicing process super faster.

Invoice With Billed

Accept online payments on your invoices to get paid faster.

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Invoice With Billed

Get started for free and start getting paid faster.

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Travel Agent Bill Template

invoice template

You should try this stylish and customizable invoice template to bill your clients. With this free downloadable invoice template, you can quickly create a professional and detailed invoice in just a few seconds.

Recurring services

When you work with this stylish and customizable invoice template, you automate your workflow and later save time and reduce stress. This downloadable template will keep you on top of your accounting situation. Feel free to download.

Invoice With Billed

Accept online payments on your invoices to get paid faster.

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Travel and Tourism Invoice Template

invoice template

With built-in simplicity and intuitiveness, this stylish and customizable invoice template takes invoice process to a new simple level. Download now and create quality invoices that your customer will love to respond.

Sample Tour Invoice Template

invoice template

No need to get worried about all your billing processes anymore. Use this editable and versatile invoice template to bill your clients. It has all the mandatory information; fill it out, send it, and get paid immediately in the right way.

What Is a Travel Agent Invoice Used For?

Computing bills, collecting payments, and performing bookkeeping activities is not easy to task. Use this free invoice template from Billed and benefit from numerous advantages. These include.

  • Time-saving
  • better organization and structuring
  • uniform invoices
  • simplified work processes
  • easy adjustment of the invoice if the data changes
  • Creation of fixed products/services that can easily be added to the invoice

Get started today with Billed and take your business to the next level quickly and ideally.

When is the right time to give an invoice to your customers?

Sending the invoice at the perfect time is always helpful to get compensated timely and accurately.
You can send the invoice at the right time with the help of the following tips.

  • Invoice your client immediately just after the completion of the tour
  • To facilitate business tours, it is better to request payment upfront.
  • It is also beneficial to get paid on a weekly or monthly basis for your recurring services.

How to receive Payment on the Travel Agent Invoice?

Business stability stands on the account, and every business owner wants to tackle the payments effectively.
In order to get paid immediately and accurately, you need an invoice to bill your clients.
Get free the travel agent invoices from Billed for receiving your payments. There are various methods to receive your payments, some of which are as follows.

  • Receive payment via credit card.
  • Receive payment through bank transfer
  • Receive payment through online banking
  • Receive payment via offline method etc.

Why should the travel agent send professional invoices?

As a professional, you are always very keen to keep an accurate record of your business’s income and expenses.
To cover all your financial issues, you need a powerful invoicing tool that meets all your business needs.
If you want to send professional and customizable invoices to your clients, get started billing with Billed, and help your clients release your payments timely and entirely without any confusion.

Invoicing Tips for Travel Agent

With the given below tips, you can not only bill your clients easily but also collect your payments ideally and precisely.

Add a timesheet: With the help of an up-to-date timesheet, you can easily track your billable charges. It also helps the clients know precisely how many hours or days you helped them in their traveling.

Shorten your payment terms: You are always ready to provide the best possible and informative information to your clients in their existing budget. In return, they never hesitate to release your payments on an immediate basis for your timely and professional services.

Accept electronic means of payment: In the presence of electronic options using any other means of getting paid is not reliable enough.
Online billing tools empower you to get paid for your services accurately and perfectly.

Be clear about the payment due date: Whether you provide your services on long terms conditions or short, always make it clear with payment due date when you expect to get paid for your informative guidance.

Invoice Types for Travel Agent

Your traveling business depends on your knowledge and skill. On the other hand, your earning depends on the billing software you adopted.
You have to provide various services to a number of clients at the time in an immediate base carefully. To meet all your business requirements, you need different invoices. Some of the leading tour guide invoices are as follows.

Standard Invoice: With the help of a standard invoice, you can easily bill your clients for the service provided.

Recurring Invoice: If you are offering your services at regular intervals for your regular clients, you can charge them through a recurring invoice.

Prepayment Invoice: The prepayment invoice empowers you to keep track of advancement payments. 

Time-Based Invoice: If you are providing your services on an hourly basis, you can bill your clients via a time-based invoice.

Credit Memo: You can refund the prepayments, you can quickly refund the amount through a credit memo.

Debit Invoice: A debit Invoice indicates the increment in the balance due

Mixed Invoice: A mixed invoice is used to indicate debit and credit made to the account

How to Create a Travel Agent Invoice?

Creating invoices is not a science, but there are a few things you need to be aware of!

You play it safe with the travel invoice templates from Billed. All required components that belong on a proper outgoing invoice are considered here! This information includes:

  • Download the free Travel Agent invoice template from Billed
  • Add your business name and the contact details
  • Add your business logo in different fonts and colors
  • Add your client’s name and contact details
  • Add the invoice issuance date
  • Add the payment due date
  • Enter the unique invoice number
  • Add the list of your services rendered and cost for each
  • Calculate the total cost of the services, including tax rate, etc.
  • Add your payment terms and conditions
  • Add your privacy policy if any
  • Add personalized message
  • Save
  • Send your invoice to the client via email or Billed.

With our stylish and customizable travel agent invoice template, you can quickly fill out all the details of your services and send a positive message about your business. 

Download a Travel Agent Invoice Template for Free

Create stylish and detailed invoices for your business with the free travel and agent invoice template from Billed. Download, customize, send detailed invoices quickly, and get paid for your specialized services immediately in the right way.

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