Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

This Free Service Receipt Template from Billed helps you generate professional and detailed receipts for services rendered. Download now and get started in no time.

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Basic Service Receipt Template


This beautiful and professional touch receipt template is designed exclusively for your needs. With this multifunctional receipt template, you can easily add up your subtotals and measure taxes.

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Small Business Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

This receipt template design helps you create branded and high-quality receipts in seconds. To get started, all you require to add your logo, company information, and payment terms.

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Receipt With Billed

Enhance organization and efficiency with our intuitive receipt template design.

Service Receipt Template

Receipt With Billed

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Service Receipt Template

Computer Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

This ready-made receipt template is fully designed with great features. It has enough space to produce a high-quality receipt to communicate with your customers so that they have full payment details and analysis.

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Hourly Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

This full-fledged receipt template is designed exclusively for your needs. It is not only stylish and customizable but also free and comprehensive. Download now and get ensured you work better and smarter.

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Receipt With Billed

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Service Receipt Template

Service Blank Receipt Templates

blank service

This free template is convenient for small businesses. It is a compact receipt template that fits perfectly to fill all your business needs. Download now and run your business more smoothly and effectively.

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Simple Service Receipt Template

simple service receipt

With this elegant receipt template, you can now make custom professional receipts for your small business in just a few seconds. Download now and stand out from the crowd. Download it now.

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Receipt With Billed

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Service Receipt Template

Service Rendered Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

Download, customize, and issue stylish receipts to your clients in seconds. It is a compact receipt template that perfectly fits all our business needs and ensures you work better and smarter.

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Child Care Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

This easily-editable and professional-looking receipt template ready to ensure that you provide superior services to your clients to that of your competitors. Try it now.

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What is a service receipt?

A service receipt is a document that proves a task or service has been completed. It can be written by hand or created digitally. Businesses use service receipts to record the services provided, customer information, and proof of payment.

What is the purpose of receipt for a service?

The purpose of a service receipt goes beyond just being a piece of paper. It serves multiple important functions. Firstly, it helps businesses keep track of customer information, the services provided, and their corresponding costs. 

It also helps them in maintaining accurate records of contracts and payment details. Moreover, service receipts act as solid evidence of payment and serve as a testament to the completion of the service. They ensure transparency and give both businesses and customers peace of mind.

Who Uses Service Receipt

Various businesses and professionals across industries use service receipts, including:

Restaurants: Restaurants use service receipts to provide customers with a detailed breakdown of their food and beverage orders and the corresponding charges. 

Repair Services: Repair service providers, such as auto mechanics or electronics technicians, issue service receipts to document the services performed, parts used, and associated costs.

Hair Salons: Hair salons provide service receipts to clients, listing the specific hair services availed, along with charges for styling, coloring, treatments, and other related services.

Cleaning Services: Cleaning service companies issue service receipts to customers, outlining the type of cleaning performed (e.g., residential, commercial), the duration of service, and the total cost of the cleaning service.

Landscaping Companies: Landscaping businesses utilize service receipts to document the various landscaping services provided, such as lawn mowing, gardening, tree trimming, and landscape design, along with corresponding charges.

Difference Between Invoice and Service Receipt

The main difference between an invoice and a service receipt is timing and purpose. 


Certainly! Here’s a table highlighting the differences between an invoice and a service receipt:


Service Receipt

Issued before or upon delivery of goods or services as a request for payment.

Issued after payment has been made as proof of payment received.

Contains detailed information about the goods or services provided, including itemized pricing, quantities, and any applicable taxes or discounts.

Summarizes the transaction details, confirming the payment made and providing a brief overview of the goods or services received.

Serves as a formal request for payment, indicating the total amount due and payment terms.

Serves as evidence of payment, acknowledging that the payment has been successfully received.

Typically sent to customers to initiate the payment process and facilitate the settlement of the outstanding balance.

Typically given to customers as a receipt after they have made the payment, ensuring a record of the completed transaction.


An online retailer sends an invoice to a customer, listing the items purchased, their prices, and any applicable discounts. The customer reviews the invoice and submits the payment. Once the payment is received, the retailer issues a service receipt to the customer as proof of the payment made, summarizing the transaction and confirming the payment received.

What to include on the Service Receipt?

As a business person, you need to create and send a perfect printable business receipt that contains the following transaction details. 

The date of payment: Enter the date of payment when the customer made a partial or full payment for your goods or services.

Sum amount received: This is the precise amount the customer paid to get the products or services from you.

Business details: Your business name and basic contact details.

Quantity purchased: The volume of goods received by the customer.

An optional logo: Enter the logo of your business in different fonts and colors.

The amount remaining due: The amount the customer is still scheduled to complete payment.

The original receipt number: Give your printable receipt a unique number.

Tips While Writing Receipts

Here are some tips for effectively using service receipts:

Be Clear and Comprehensive: Ensure that your service receipts clearly outline the services provided, including details such as itemized pricing, quantities, and any applicable taxes or discounts. This helps in providing transparency and avoids confusion.

Maintain Consistent Formatting: Use a consistent format for your service receipts to create a professional and cohesive look. This includes using the same font, and layout throughout your receipts.

Include Contact Information: Include your contact information (such as phone number, email address, and website) on the receipt.. This lets customers easily reach out to you for any questions or follow-ups.

Use Sequential Receipt Numbers: Assign a unique receipt number to each service receipt sequentially. This helps organize and track your receipts for future reference and record-keeping purposes.

Keep Digital and Physical Copies: Maintaining digital and physical copies of your service receipts is important. This ensures you have backup records in case of any loss or technical issues.

Automate Receipt Generation: Consider using accounting or invoicing software that offers service receipt templates and automated generation. This can save you time and effort by automatically populating receipt details, such as customer information and service descriptions.

Store Receipts Securely: Whether you opt for physical or digital storage, ensure your service receipts are stored securely. This protects sensitive customer information and facilitates easy retrieval when needed.

Regularly Review and Reconcile: Review your service receipts to reconcile them with your financial records. This helps in identifying any discrepancies or errors, ensuring accurate financial tracking.

By following these tips, you can effectively use service receipts to enhance professionalism, maintain records, and provide clarity to your customers.

Benefits of Using a Service Receipt

Our stylish and customizable receipt templates give you many advantages; some of them are as follows. 

Keeping financial record: 

Excellent and perfect bookkeeping is not possible without a receipt. With the help of a detailed receipt, you can easily verify your weekly, monthly, and annual income. 

Filing Tax:

It provides proof to tax and audit teams that payment is being made against specific services.  

Avoid confusion:

It ensures that all payments are correctly recorded and avoid confusion and conflict.

Preventing potential scam:

Receipt works as a safeguard against scams. With the help of the date and time on the receipt, you can quickly know when and where the customers purchased the goods.

Why should you use a Service Receipt?

You should use the service receipt for the following reasons.

  1. Service receipts are provided to customers at the time of the transaction to indicate payment for services rendered.
  2. This aims to maintain a record of the service provided and transactions completed.
  3. It works as a communication tool to provide information to the customer. The service provider will add the details of the service offered, prices, tax, and other important information on the receipt.
  4. You can track the history of services provided.

Types of Receipts Based on Their Use

Here are the types of receipts based on their usage that you need to know:

  1. Money Transfer Receipt:

This type of receipt is usually used in the banking world, where the receipt clearly states the account number of the recipient.

  1. Product Transaction Receipt:

This receipt describes what goods the consumer buys in more detail regarding the product serial number, type of goods, then there is the consumer’s address, and the price of the goods.

  1. Receipt of Money Receipt:

This type of receipt is most commonly used. This receipt explains the amount of money submitted to a person or company, where its use will be considered as proof of payment that is valid and approved by both parties.

  1. Receipt of Proof of Payment:

This receipt is commonly used in buying and selling. The proof of payment can be in the shape of installments or in full. These receipts generally also state the amount of money for payment and information on the payer.

  1. Cash Receipt :

This receipt describes the outgoing or incoming amount, a copy of which will be filed as financial evidence at the time of tax returns.

How to create a Service Receipt?

Creating a service receipt can be a streamlined process with the following steps:

  • Download the Service Receipt Template from Billed for free.
  • Fill in your business name and essential contact details.
  • Provide the customer’s information, including their name and billing address.
  • Include the date of issuance for the receipt.
  • Add the total amount paid by the client for the services rendered.
  • Include any other relevant payments, such as advances or security deposits.
  • Specify the reliable payment method used by the customer.
  • Sign the receipt to validate it.
  • Save the completed receipt for record-keeping purposes.
  • Send the professional-looking receipt to the customer via email or the Billed platform.

While manual creation of receipts is an option, using specialized accounting software like Billed can significantly simplify the process. You can swiftly generate and issue detailed, visually appealing receipts to your customers using professional software such as Billed. This eliminates the need for manual calculations and automates data transfer, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Download The Service Receipt Template For Free

If you are using a boring ready-made receipt template to generate receipts, it’s time for something a little better. Download our high-quality receipt templates and start creating detailed and professional-looking receipts in just a few seconds.

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