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Are you ready to create a branded invoice and want to make sure that it contains all the mandatory information and makes a professional impact?

Download the real estate invoice templates and start creating stylish and branded invoices for free and find something handy for your business with this customizable invoice template from Billed.

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Real Estate Commission

Use this read-to-use and editable invoice template from Billed that offers you all the options for creating branded and high-quality invoices with just a few clicks. Download now and get paid quickly in the right way effortlessly.

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Real Estate Photography

Are you ready to bill your customers quickly and accurately? Use this stylish and customizable invoice template to get started. Download now and start creating branded and stylish invoices according to your tastes.

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Invoice With Billed

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Real Estate Tax

real estate

Invoicing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to manage your finance. So download this fully functional invoice template that offers you a variety of advanced features.

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Commercial Real Estate

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Stick to the basics with this editable invoice template. This invoice template contains all the elements of a professional invoice to keep your data systematized

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Vacation Homes

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Save more time and energy on customer billing. Let this stylish and customizable invoice template create seamless and branded invoices for your use. Download it now.


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Staging services

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If the invoice template for issuing invoices is too complicated for you, this is the ideal opportunity! Download now and get the job done with this customizable invoice template.

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Invoice With Billed

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Real estate bill format

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This is a perfect invoice template that combines a professional look with many handy features. Its multifunctional features help you avoid cash flow issues. Feel free to download.

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Residential Real Estate

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This elegant invoice template accelerates the whole billing process and offers you everything you need to run your business smoothly. Download now and get paid quickly and ideally.

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Why do real estate professionals send professional invoices?

As a real estate agent, you professionally assist your clients in selling, renting, or buying the properties. To meet all the requirements of your clients, you often work dawn to dusk actively.

If you want to get paid for all your hard work before you step into your house, you need to bill your clients through an invoicing software that meets all your business needs.

Get started today with Billed, and create professional and detailed invoices quickly and make your invoicing process.

With the help of our invoicing tools, you can not only bill your clients to get paid immediately and effectively but can also take your business and professionalism level to the advanced stage.

When is the right time to send a real estate invoice?

Make sending the invoice timely a priority so that you could get paid quickly in the right way, but it might be a little tricky to choose the best time. 

  • If you are a busy real estate agent, you must try to issue your invoice on the spot or just after completing your services.

  • But in the case of recurring services, you may like to bill your clients time by time instead of waiting for the final performance.

  • After all, you need to receive the amount for your real estate services at the end of every project.

Invoicing tips for real estate professionals

As a professional real estate advisor, you determine the clients’ needs and purchasing power to propose solutions that suit them. But how will you determine your service charges accurately to get paid ideally? Add the following tips in your real estate invoice and get paid quickly and ideally.

Include all the important details: It would be best to create the invoice in such a way that contains all the details of the services provided and can convey all your desirable billing intentions perfectly.

Accept a variety of payment methods: Do not adopt only one way of accepting the payments. Let the client decides how he wants to pay you, but you must add the electronic options like e-transfer or online bank transactions in your invoice.
Keep a record with numbered invoices: Giving a number to every invoice is very handy to keep track of your transactions. It is very beneficial when filing the tax and analyzing the annual budget of your business.

Always include a ‘payment due’ date: Never forget to add the payment due date on your invoice. It helps you to get paid for your services provided before the specific time or date.

Invoice Types for Real Estate Professionals

To fulfill all your billing needs, Billed introduces various types of real estate invoices.
Real estate professionals commonly use the following invoices.

Standard Invoice:
With the help of a standard invoice template, you help your clients to come to know about the following particulars.

  • Details of the property
  • The price of the property
  • Your commission fee, along with the payment terms and conditions.

Expense Report:
In case you are working as a broker for a well established real estate business, an expense report helps you get your payments from the owner for your services.

Past Unpaid Invoice:
If your client fails or forgets to pay your charges on the due date, you can notify him by sending past unpaid invoices. This invoice includes the due date, total payment owing, and late fee according to the deed.

How to create a real estate Invoice?

Creating professional and attractive real estate invoices is not rocket science, follow the given instructions, and get your favorite invoice in seconds.

  • Download the Real Estate Invoice Template from Billed for free

  • Add your business logo

  • Enter your business name along with basic contact information

  • Enter your client’s name, including contact details

  • Enter invoice number

  • Add the invoice date

  • Add payment due date

  • Insert the location of each property along with the price for each

  • Enter your brokerage fee

  • Add the total rates

  • Include payments terms and conditions

  • Save 

  • Send the flawless invoice via Billed or email 

Download a Real Estate Invoice Template for Free

Start collecting your payments right now with Billed’s real estate invoice template. Download the free real estate invoice template for your real estate business and get rid of unprofessional and complicated accounting tools straight away.

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