Car Rental Receipt Template

Car Rental Receipt Template

Eliminate paperwork and provide an easier route to rental agreements. All you have to do is download the free car rental template from Billed and customize it for your business.

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When your customers rent a car from you, the last thing they want to do is fill out some paperwork. However, these contract forms clearly state your terms and provide necessary information for customers. So, you have to find an easier way to do all this. This is precisely where the online car rental receipt templates comes into play.
With our receipt templates, you can check many things and ensure customers understand and accept your terms. It is also possible to add some questions to the contract. This way, you will have all the necessary information to rent a car.

You can download our professional-looking templates in your favorites like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Word, XLS, and PDF.

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Enterprise Car Rent Receipt Template

Car Rental Receipt Template

Use this easily-editable receipt template to provide customers with detailed payment information. This delivery receipt template provides fields for unit price, tax, discount, subtotals, and many more.

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Simple Car Rental Receipt Template

Car Rental Receipt Template

This ready-to-use template helps you through the process of creating a custom patient receipt, which includes the date, receipt number, amount received, type of payment, name of the client, and address.

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Car Rental Receipt Template

Receipt With Billed

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Car Rental Receipt Template

Car Rental Receipt Form

Car Rental Receipt Template

Use this elegant template to explain what services or products have been paid for, along with your name, address, and payment details.

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Printable Car Rental Receipt

Car Rental Receipt Template

This receipt template is simple in design, like the one in an envelope address, with the company name at the top and recipient information in the middle. 

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Receipt With Billed

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Car Rental Receipt Template

Monthly Car Rental Receipt

Car Rental Receipt Template

This free template is convenient for your rental business. It is a compact receipt template that fits perfectly to fill all our business needs. Download now and run your business more smoothly and effectively.

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What is a Car Rental Agreement?

A car rental agreement is a legal document that contains an agreement between the car owner and another party to rent out the car. Generally, this letter includes the rental price, period, sanctions, and other relevant provisions. Therefore, all provisions in this agreement must be appropriately explained and known to the parties involved.

Functions of a Car Rental Agreement

Generally, this agreement has the following functions:

  • Documents of evidence and proof of the transaction of a lease agreement
  • As a valid legality during the period
  • Protects both parties from possible legal problems
  • Reducing the risk of conflict or dispute during the lease period

Tips for Making a Car Rental Agreement

Make sure the agreement contains the following before you sign it:

  • Complete identity of the parties according to the KTP
  • Car specifications in detail
  • The price you agree on
  • Car rental period
  • Two witnesses (optional)
  • Confirmation with signatures above the seal by both parties

What to include on the Car Rental Receipt?

As a car seller person, you need to create and send a perfect printable receipt that contains the following transaction details. 

The date of payment: Enter the date of payment when the customer made a partial or full payment for your goods or services.

Sum amount received: This is the precise amount the customer paid to get the products or services from you.

Your Business details: Your business name and basic contact details.

Quantity purchased: The quantity of items received by the customer.

An optional logo:  Add your business logo 

The amount remaining due: An amount the customer is still scheduled to complete payment.

The unique receipt number: Give your printable receipt a unique number. 

What are the benefits of using a car rental receipt in PDF?

Using a car rental payment receipt in PDF format offers several benefits, including:

  • Ease of storage and access: PDF payment receipts can be saved digitally, making them easy to store and access at any time—no need to worry about physical documents being lost or damaged.
  • Saving time and resources: By using online platforms to generate payment receipts in PDF, you save time and resources that would be required to create them manually or print them on paper.
  • Personalization and professionalism: Online platforms allow you to customize the design of the receipts, which adds a professional touch and is consistent with the image of your business.
  • Security and backup: Having a digital PDF version, you have a secure backup of payment receipts. This is especially useful if physical documents are lost or need to be accessed in the future.

Why use our Receipt Template?

Now you do not need to spend more time and energy designing complicated and orthodox receipts. We offer the best printer-friendly receipt template. Download now and take your business to the advanced level effortlessly.


• Our templates are free to download

• Available in various friendly formats

• Our templates are easily accessible

• Easy to use

• You can quickly and easily keep track of your financial transactions and sales records, etc.

• Our templates have editable fields for taxes, unit prices, discounts, and subtotals, etc.

• Stylish

• Printable, etc.

How to use our receipt template?

If you want to use stylish and customizable receipt templates, then follow the given steps.

  • Enter your business name and basic contacts details
  • Add your business logo  
  • Include the amount you receive from the client
  • Add your client’s details like name, contact or email address, etc.
  • Add the details of goods or services for which you want to generate the receipt
  • Review the sample receipt on the screen and print it out with a single click.

How to create a Car Rental Receipt?

Even though you can find tons of receipt templates, yet you might find them difficult to use. Luckily, with Billed you can easily create a stylish and detailed receipt in just a few seconds.

Follow the given instructions and get your car rental receipt with a few clicks.

  • Download a free Car Rental Receipt from Billed
  • Add your business name and basic contact details
  • Add the client’s name and contact details
  • Receipt issuance date
  • Add the total amount made by the client
  • Include any other payments like advance or security etc.
  • Add your favorite or reliable payment method
  • Save
  • Sign, or stamp
  • Issue

You can create your receipts by hand, but special accounting programs can make your work a lot easier. With professional software like Billed, you can easily create and issue detailed and stylish receipts to your customers in a few seconds. This not only saves you the arithmetic work but at the same time, all the required data is automatically transferred to your receipt; this saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

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Stop generating receipts from scratch, it’s time for something a little better. Download our high-quality receipt templates and start creating detailed and professional-looking receipts in just a few seconds.

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