Freight Invoice Template

invoice template

Do you want a powerful tool to bill your client? Download this stylish and customizable invoice template and start billing your clients professionally and quickly. Our template is designed in such a way that meets all your shipping business requirements and helps you to receive online payments before long effectively.

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Transportation of goods by any means is a large business with a lot of complications. In the presence of complications, you never want to face sophisticated invoicing software. 

The Billed enables you to get a free freight invoice template from its platform. This powerful freight invoice template is designed in such a way that it fulfills all the requirements of the shipping invoice.

Our beautiful and free downloadable templates are available in  Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, and Excel. Visit more free invoice templates.

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Download Freight Invoice Template

Freight Invoice Template

invoice template

With this professional invoice template, you can easily create detailed and well-designed invoices in just a few seconds. Download now and create quality invoices for your business. 

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invoice template

What Is a Freight Invoice Template Used For?

A freight invoice template is used in the shipping business to show the detailed list of shipped goods. The shippers send freight invoice template for consignment and get their services charges.
The freight charges mostly depend on the fuel price, so it does not remain constant. Once the freight invoice is accepted by the client, the total amount of the shipment must be paid by the customer.

Freight Invoice Types

A freight invoice contains a variety of details regarding the shipping business.
The some of freight invoice is as follows.

Standard Invoice:
The standard invoice is used for billing your client for the services or products provided.

Commercial Invoice:
The commercial invoice facilitates you in foreign trade because it is a customs document. It is provided to the customs authorities at the time of shipment.

Pro-Forma Invoice:
A Pro-forma invoice is used in case of an advance payment. It shows the list of purchased goods along with weights and charges.

Credit Invoice:
A buyer can refund or ask for a discount through a commercial document, which is called a credit invoice.

Debit Invoice:
In case of providing special services, you can charge for them via a debit invoice.

Mixed Invoice:
In case of a refund or discount, you can use a mixed invoice template. It is also used to bill for the goods.

Prepaying Invoice:
For the upcoming shipments, you can bill your client for the down payment.

How to Create a Freight Invoice?

Here are the following steps for creating a freight invoice.

  1. Download the freight invoice template from Billed for free
  2. Add seller and buyer address, contact information
  3. Insert the shipment date
  4. Insert origin and terminal localities
  5. Insert the number of parcels along with the detail of goods, their volume and weight, etc.
  6. Add the total charges of the shipment
  7. Add grand total along with exceptional services
  8. Mention the shipment route along with transfer point if any
  9. Add payment method 
  10. Add payment terms and conditions 
  11. Send the absolute invoice through the mail, fax, etc.
  12. After receiving the payment, dispatch the receipt copy of the invoice

Download a Freight Invoice Template for Free

For your shipping business, Billed helps you to create branded and detailed invoices in seconds. Download this stylish and customizable invoice template today and start collecting your payments quickly and ideally

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