Plumbing Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice Template

Looking for an easy way to create invoices for your plumbing business? Look no further! Billed offers a free Plumbing Invoice Template that will make your life easier.

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Return to doing what you love – fixing plumbing issues – and leave the hassle of invoicing behind! Our user-friendly and customizable invoice templates help you get paid faster and easier. Choose from Google Sheets, Google Docs, Word, XLS, PDF, whichever works best for you. With more time, you can focus on providing excellent service and growing your plumbing business. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to a smoother, more profitable workflow. Download our invoice templates now and keep the water flowing – both in your customers’ homes and your bank account!


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Plumbing Work Order Template

This invoice template is ideal for creating invoices for your services or products. Download now and surprise your customers with this easy-to-use invoice template, with advanced features.

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Plumbing Bill Template

Plumbing Invoice Template

Save more time and energy on customer billing. Let this stylish and customizable invoice template create seamless and branded invoices for your use. Feel free to download it.

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Plumbing Invoice Template

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Plumbing Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice Template For Free

Plumbing Invoice Template

Get a creative solution for your invoicing needs with this stylish and customizable invoice template. Suitable for plumbing services or products, it keeps your finances up-to-date.

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Editable Plumbing Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice Template

If the invoice template for issuing invoices is too complicated for you, this is the ideal opportunity! Download now and get the job done with this stylish and customizable invoice template.

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Plumbing Invoice Template

Appliance Installation Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice Template

The smooth and fastest way to avoid errors is to issue an invoice online – it is easy to do with Billed this invoice template. Download the template for filling out an invoice for payment of services and goods for free.

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Plumbing Invoice Format

Plumbing Invoice Template

This stylish and customizable invoice template offers you all the options for creating branded and high-quality invoices with just a few clicks. Download now and get paid quickly in the right way effortlessly.

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What Is a Plumbing Invoice Used For?

A plumbing invoice is essential for billing clients for your plumbing services. It clearly outlines your work, such as fixing toilets and unclogging drains. With a detailed invoice, clients know how and when to submit payment.

Invoices help you keep track of your business finances, recording transactions and income. They’re also valuable for tracking business growth and setting future goals. Come tax time, having well-documented financial records saves you from headaches.

Choose Billed’s blank plumbing invoice template:

  • Stay on top of due dates to make timely payments.
  • Bill your clients accurately for your hard work.
  • Organize clients’ accounts and balances efficiently.
  • Document financial information, including transactions and income.
  • Prepare for tax time by keeping important information on file.

Start using Billed’s plumbing invoice template today and simplify your invoicing process!

Quick invoicing tips for plumbing professionals

Wait, wait, wait! Before sending the security invoice to your clients, you need to follow up on the following tips.
These tips enable you to send the detailed and professional invoice and ensure you get paid immediately.

Make sure you include all relevant information:
Sending the incomplete invoice to your client never enables you to get paid timely and ideally. So before sending the invoice, make sure that you have added all the necessary details in your invoice.

Accept a variety of payment methods:
Adopting a variety of payment methods is always convenient to get paid immediately. You may use the various payment means like e-transfer, or online bank transactions, etc.

Keep a record with numbered invoices:
Giving a number to every invoice has many advantages. You easily keep track of all your transactions. It is also very beneficial when filling the tax and analyzing the annual budget of your business.

Always include a ‘payment due’ date:
Adding the payment due date means you want to get paid for all your security services before the specific date or time.

What Are The Advantages Of Using a Plumbing Invoice?

A plumbing service invoice empowers you to get paid for your specialized services. With the help of a detailed and well-organized invoice, your clients will know exactly when you expect to get paid for your plumbing services.
With the invoice, you can smoothly accelerate your business progress by keeping accurate records of each transaction, income, expense, and other financial information.
Moreover, you can feel comfortable and easy while filing the tax.
Use the stylish and flexible plumbing invoice from Billed to create your first invoice.

  • Avoid missed and late payments
  • Bill your clients quickly and accurately for your hard work
  • Arrange your clients’ accounts and balances
  • Document all financial information
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax

Create detailed and stylish plumbing invoices with Billed and enjoy your business and income growth altogether.

Invoice Types for Plumbers

In plumbing, businesses have to provide various services like installing bathroom/kitchen appliances, repairing the leakage, and many more.
To fulfill all your plumbing business requirements, you need to download the invoice type from Billed that suits you the best.

Standard Invoice: With the help of a standard invoice, you can easily bill your clients for the service provided.

Recurring Invoice: If you work at regular intervals, you can charge your clients for the services through a recurring invoice.

Prepayment Invoice: The prepayment invoice empowers you to keep track of advancement payments. 

Time-Based Invoice: If you perform your services on an hourly basis, you can bill your clients via a time-based invoice.

Credit Memo: You can easily refund the amount through a credit memo.

Debit Invoice: A Debit Invoice indicates the increment in the balance due

Mixed Invoice: A mixed invoice is used for billing your clients for the material purchased or returned.

How to Write a Plumbing Invoice?

Creating polished and informative invoices for your plumbing business has never been easier, thanks to the free resources available from Billed.

Step 1: Fill in Your Information

  • Enter your name, company name, address, city, state, and zip code as the bill sender.
  • Add the client’s name, company name (if applicable), address, city, state, and zip code as the bill recipient.
  • Include your contact telephone number and the client’s contact telephone number.

Step 2: Add Service Details

  • Describe the services provided in the “Description of services” field.
  • Enter the number of materials used or hours worked.
  • Specify the price of each service.
  • Calculate the total cost for each service and enter it in the “Total” column.

Step 3: Calculate Costs

  • Add up the amounts for materials and services to get the subtotal.
  • Include any applicable sales tax in the “Sales Tax” field.
  • Enter any additional charges in the “Other” fields.
  • Calculate the subtotal, sales tax, and other expenses for the final “Total” amount.

Step 4: Payment Options

  • If the customer chooses to pay by credit or debit card:
    • Provide the cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing zip code.
    • The cardholder must read and agree to the statement and provide their signature and date.
  • If the customer prefers bank wire payment:
    • Submit the name on the bank account, street address, bank name, account number, routing number, and account type.
  • For PayPal payments:
    • Provide the customer’s associated email address with their PayPal account.

Once completed, you can present the bill to the customer for payment or send them the invoice to facilitate payment.

Remember to include your payment terms and conditions, specifying the payment deadline and any applicable late fees.


This simplified guide helps you easily create a plumbing invoice, ensuring clear communication and smooth payment transactions with your customers.

Download a Plumbing Invoice Template for Free

Downloading a plumbing invoice template for free from Billed is easy, fast, and secure. Our customizable invoices are tailored for plumbing services, helping you create professional invoices that are attractive and compliant with industry standards.

Choose from a range of invoice types to streamline your billing process and ensure accuracy in financial transactions. Get started with our free plumbing invoice templates today!

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