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Whether you sell goods, offer services, collect donations, or rent payments, our stylish and customizable receipt template in various friendly formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Excel, or Word allow you to track payments efficiently. 

Our beautiful and easily-editable receipt templates are both easy and fun. You can easily customize the template field you want, add taxes to your payments, or get approval from your customers for the transaction with e-signature widgets.

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Blank Cash Receipt Template

Blank Cash Receipt

This easily-editable receipt template is designed exclusively for your needs. It is not only stylish and customizable but also free and comprehensive. Download now.

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Blank Payment Receipt Template

blank payment receipt

 With this template, you can seamlessly track customer history, receipts, and account details. It only takes seconds to create branded receipts for your business.

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blank receipt

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Get free editable receipt templates for your small business. Easily-editable, download, and print.

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Blank Donation Receipt Template

blnak donation receipt

With this stylish and customizable receipt template, you can quickly create and print donation receipts with just a few clicks. 

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Blank Simple Receipt Template

blank simple receipt

With this elegant receipt template, you can now make custom professional receipts for your small business in just a few seconds. Download now and stand out from the crowd.

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Blank Packing Receipt Template

blank packing receipt

This stylish and easy to use receipt template helps you fill out your paperwork in no time, leaving your customers amazed at how quickly you could deliver your professional receipts.

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Blank Delivery Receipt Template

blank delviery receipt

¬†Do you want to create a custom delivery receipt, which includes the ordered items, date, receipt number, amount received, payment method, client’s details. Then you should try this.¬†

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Invoice With Billed

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Blank Security Deposit Receipt Template

blank security receipt

Download, customize, and issue stylish receipts to your clients in seconds. It is a compact receipt template that quickly add up your total and measures taxes. Download now.

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Blank Taxi/Cab Receipt Template

blank taxi receipt

With this simple but stylish receipt template, you can easily exchange printed or electronic receipts with your customers. Download for free and run your business more effectively and smoothly.

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What is a Receipt Document?

An authentic receipt document is proof of a handover transaction of documents, goods, money, or services between two parties. An easy example is a courier delivering a package always asks for the recipient’s signature after the goods are delivered. The signed letter is called the receipt document.
This document is vital in business activities to avoid misunderstandings that arise due to shipping errors or lost goods at a later date. Therefore, the receipt usually contains a detailed description of the goods submitted, such as the type, amount, name of the recipient, and date of delivery of the goods.

Invoices and receipts are important accounting documents for maintaining business records. They are useful for buyers and vendors when transactions involve exchanging goods or services for payment. 

Both documents provide details of amounts owed and paid for the exchange of goods and services, and it usually includes vendor and customer information and the total amount due. 

Let’s examine the differences between invoices and receipts based on their characteristics.

Characteristics of an Invoice

  • The invoice has several components, such as the company’s name, address, date, and signatures received by both parties.
  • Usually, there is information about the number of items, item name, unit price, and quantity to the total.
  • The invoice has the seller’s identity accompanied by the seller’s contact information so that there are no errors in entering the invoice.
  • In addition, it is explained the payment terms; there is even discount information, and it is used for details of early payments, which are assessed for late payments.

Characteristics of Receipt

Receipts have different characteristics from invoices or invoices, namely:

  • It consists of two sub-sections, namely the right and left parts, where the right part is given to the seller as proof of payment received. The other part is addressed to the buyer who makes the payment.
  • Two copies of the documents are given to the seller and the buyer as proof of payment.
  • In proof of payment, there is complete information regarding the amount, the need for receipts, and the recipient’s signature as valid proof of issuance of proof of payment.


What to include on the Blank Receipt?

Your receipt should contain the following details on providing the goods and specialized services to your customers.

    • Sender’s name and contact information
    • Recipient’s name and contact information
    • Description of goods received
    • Quantity of each item
    • The purchase price of each item
    • Purchase date

When to Use Receipts?

Consumers mostly need receipts to prove certain expenses have been made. They may need this information when deducting purchases from their tax return or seeking reimbursement from their employer.
A receipt is also required when the consumer returns goods for valid reasons.
Most businesses set their own rules about what counts as a valid reason for a return and whether a receipt is required to complete a return.
Return policy details are usually shown directly on the receipt, including how many days the customer must make a return or exchange after the date of purchase.
Without receipts, retailers often only provide exchanges or credit to select other items. This means that if your business makes sales online, by mail, or by telephone, you must provide a refund even if the item is not damaged.
Once payment has been made, it is best practice to follow up immediately with a receipt, whether the transaction was made in person, online, or over the phone. You should always make two copies of receipts, one for your customer and one for your business records.
Consumers expect businesses to provide a receipt at the point of sale, be it a supermarket, street vendor, or online clothing store.

Benefits of Using Receipt Template From Billed?

Using the receipt templates from Billed has many advantages. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Accuracy: Our receipt template simply your record-keeping and provides precise and accurate cash reporting.¬†
  • Budget Control:¬†Maintaining the budget of any business is a stressful job. But with our receipt template, you can easily keep track and record sales and financial transactions.¬†¬†
  • Easy to manage: Every business person wants to manage and run his cash flow smoothly and effortlessly. The receipt template from Billed, allows you to get rid of these stressful and painful worries.
  • Tax Time: You can easily prepare your tax papers, at the time of filing your taxes..

How to use our blank receipt template?

If you want to use a stylish and customizable receipt template, then follow the given steps.

  • Add your business name and basic contact information
  • Add your business logo in your favorite fonts and colors¬†
  • Add the amount you receive from the client
  • Add your client‚Äôs name and address.
  • Add the details of goods or services for which you want to generate the receipt
  • Review the sample receipt on the screen and print it out with a single click.

Why use our Blank Receipt Template?

Now you do not need to spend more time and energy designing complicated and orthodox receipts. We offer the best printerable receipt templates. Download now and take your business to the advanced level effortlessly. 


  • Our templates are free to download
  • Available in various friendly formats
  • Our templates are easily accessible¬†
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish¬†
  • Customizable
  • Printable, etc.

How to create a receipt with Billed?

Even though you can find tons of receipt templates, yet you might find them difficult to use. Luckily, with Billed’s receipt templates, you can quickly create a stylish and branded receipt for your business with just a few clicks.

Follow these simple instructions and get your receipt in seconds.

  • Download a free blank receipt template from Billed
  • Add your business name and basic contact details
  • Add your customer details
  • Receipt issuance date
  • Add the total amount made by the client
  • Add any other payments like advance or security etc.
  • Add payment method
  • Save
  • Issue

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