Simple Receipt Template

Simple Receipt Template

If you want receipts that can be edited according to your needs, use this free simple receipt template from Billed.

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This free simple receipt template from Billed is a fast and easy way to send high-quality receipts to your customers after getting paid. You can free download our high-quality receipt templates in your favorite format like Word, Excel, PDF, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.

Fill out the customizable fields and send your receipt by Billed, e-mail, and print it.

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Simple Cash Receipt

Simple Receipt Template

Create professional and beautiful receipts that your customers will love. Download the simple cash receipt template from Billed and start creating professional and customizable receipts in just a few seconds.

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Simple Rent Receipt

Simple Receipt Template

Download this free simple rent receipt template from Billed. It is so flexible that you can easily add or erase lines according to your requirements. You can even print a blank receipt if you want.

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Receipt With Billed

With Billed’s editable receipt template you can quickly create and issue receipts. Get started for free.

Simple Receipt Template

Receipt With Billed

Issue receipts online with Billed for free.

Simple Receipt Template

Free Simple Payment Receipt Template

Simple Receipt Template

To avoid confusion, download this stylish and customizable receipt template, and start creating tons of receipts quickly and accurately. Download it now. 

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Free Simple Hotel Receipt


Submitting receipts to your customers with this free and customizable receipt template has become easier and quicker than ever. You cam easily modify it to fit all your and customer’s needs.

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Simple Receipts for Small Business Owners

Get rid of complicated and impractical receipt templates. Download our free simple receipt templates for your small business.

Whether you’re running a business on a small or large scale, issuing detailed and professional receipts always helps uplift the status of your business.

With Billed, you can easily create professional-looking and stylish receipts in no time, capturing all the details of the received or paid amount promptly and efficiently.

Download the free simple receipt template from Billed and start issuing professional and detailed receipts to your clients anytime.

What is a receipt?

A receipt is ‘proof of a financial transaction for purchasing services, goods, etc.’

It serves as an official document and evidence of the transaction’s authenticity.

For the person who paid the money, it is a piece of documentary evidence that the money was paid. For the party that provided the service or product, it is documentary evidence that the money was received.

On either side, receipts are important documents that provide proof that money has moved.

Receipt Function

Not only as proof of payment, receipts also result from fair cooperation and employer agreement. Therefore, the following documents are important to keep.

To better understand what the receipt functions are, here’s the review:

Proof of Payment

The primary role of the receipt is as proof of the implementation of payments in cash or installments. Legally, receipts have significance in the eyes of the law.

If a misunderstanding results in a lawsuit between the seller and the buyer, the role of the receipt is as concrete evidence in court.

In addition to functioning in court, receipts are tools that validate complaints from sellers or buyers regarding the nominal payment. For example, if a customer requests product compensation, various documents must be included.

Facilitate Company Cash Recording

Receipts serve as the implementation of a cash flow recording system on paper. They make it easier for the company to review the transaction history of incoming and outgoing money during a certain period.

Helping the Company’s Financial Audit

Receipts also play a crucial role in assisting the company’s financial audit section in verifying the correctness of financial transactions.

This relates to the form of receipts generally kept by sellers and buyers, ensuring the audit can match what items were sold and how much income was received in cash.

Documents to Obtain Goods Warranty

Because receipts serve as proof of purchase history, another function is to claim the warranty of goods.

Generally, some items come with a warranty that can be used for damage to the goods or even a product type mismatch.

What to include on Simple Receipt?

According to the consumption tax law, some items must be written on the receipt, so when you receive the receipt, ensure that the necessary items are clearly written.

[Items that must be stated on the receipt]

・Purchaser name

・Purchase date

・Purchase amount

・Purchase name

・Product name

By issuing and receiving receipts so that both the issuing and the receiving sides pay attention to checks, it is possible to prevent the issuance of receipts that are problematic in tax law.

Tips While Writing Simple Receipts

You can easily create a professional and detailed receipt in your favorite format. Just follow these tips:

  • If you own a small business, obtaining the appropriate receipt format should be a top priority. You can explore our stylish and flexible templates online or use them as samples while creating your own.
  • Your official receipt must align with your business, so be attentive when choosing your template.
  • You cannot change your official receipt frequently. Therefore, ensure that the chosen format is exactly what you want for your receipt.

Once you have selected the desired design for your simple receipt, you need to add your details to the template. You can download and customize the required template for free.

Why use our Simple Receipt Template?

Now you don’t need to spend more time and energy designing complicated receipts from scratch. We offer the best printer-friendly receipt templates.

Download now and take your business to the advanced level effortlessly.

  • Our templates are free to download,
  • Available in various friendly formats, Easily accessible,
  • Easy to use,
  • Easily keep track of your financial transactions, sales records, and more,
  • Our templates feature editable fields for taxes, unit prices, discounts, subtotals, and more,
  • Stylish, Printable, etc.

Types of Receipts Based on Their Use

Here are the types of receipts based on their usage that you need to know:

  • Money Transfer Receipt: This type of receipt is usually used in the banking world, where the receipt clearly states the account number of the recipient.
  • Product Transaction Receipt: This receipt describes what goods the consumer buys in more detail regarding the product serial number, type of goods, then there is the consumer’s address, and the price of the goods.
  • Receipt of Money Paid: This type of receipt is most commonly used. This receipt explains the amount of money submitted to a person or company, where its use will be considered as proof of payment that is valid and approved by both parties.
  • Receipt of Proof of Payment: This receipt is commonly used in buying and selling. The proof of payment can be in the shape of installments or in full. These receipts generally also state the amount of money for payment and information on the payer.
  • Cash Transaction Receipt: This receipt describes the outgoing or incoming amount, a copy of which will be filed as financial evidence at the time of tax returns.

How to create a Simple Receipt?

As a service provider, managing multiple customers simultaneously requires issuing accurate and stylish receipts efficiently. Don’t let paper receipts consume your valuable time, money, and energy. Follow these simple steps to create a high-quality receipt with just a few clicks:

  • Download the Simple Receipt Template from Billed for free.
  • Add your business name and basic contact details.
  • Include the customer details such as name, billing address, etc.
  • Specify the issuance date.
  • Add the total amount paid by the client.
  • Include any other payments made, such as advance or security deposits.
  • Specify your reliable payment method.
  • Sign the receipt.
  • Save the document.
  • Send your professional-looking receipt via email or Billed.

Download the Free Simple Receipt Template for Small Businesses

Say goodbye to stressful and complicated receipt tools because Billed understands that you have more important things to focus on.

With our free simple receipt template, you can easily customize the basic template according to your business needs and start issuing stylish and detailed receipts promptly and flawlessly. The professional format enables you to create the receipt without missing any important details.

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